How-To: Import a Form from the Library

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The Forms Library is a free resource of pre-built, ready-to-use forms and data sources.  Hundreds of common forms are available, categorized by industry and business function.

Note: Some forms may use features that are not on your billing tier. You will be unable to successfully import these forms.


Import a Form

  1. Mouse over the Manage Forms tab and select "Create New Form" from the dropdown menu.

  2. From the Create Form menu, choose "Select a Form from our Forms Library."

  3. Optionally filter results by selecting an Industry or Business Function from the dropdown menus.

  4. Select the form, then click Import. The form is now available in your FormSpace.

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Next Steps

You can view the form in your team, and from there it can be used out-of-the-box. However, Library forms are also completely customizable, from adding data destinations so completed forms will be sent automatically to users or cloud services, to changing form details to suit your business' needs.  Customize the options in drop down fields to show part, customer and employee lists by Customizing Data Sources.  Read more about customizing Library Forms here.

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