Enable a Summary Page on a Form





The Summary Page is a useful form navigation aid, particularly for long forms which may not always be filled out in the same order each time. It provides a first page, similar to a table of contents, that lists each page by name. Mobile workers filling in the form can choose to start at any page they like by clicking on it, and then can return to the Index Page afterwards from any page of the form.


Enable a Summary Page on a Form

  1. Navigate to the correct form.
  2. Click the "Edit Form" button.
  3. Find the Settings tab and select Mobile App Settings.
  4. Ensure Enable summary page on mobile device is checked.

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  • Avatar
    Yashwant Kushwah

    How can we do this for version V2 form ???

  • Avatar
    Danielle Morley

    Hi Yashwant,

    It's this setting in a V2 form: 

  • Avatar
    Patrique Paquette

    Can the index page/menu be completely disabled for shorter forms?