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There are many options for forms, accessible through the Form Builder.  When editing an existing form, any changes will be saved in a new form version.  To change form settings, select the desired form, and click Edit Form. If resuming an editing session, the button will read Continue Editing.


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Form Properties Tab

The Form Properties tab offers a place to look at all the settings implemented on the form. These may vary depending on your Billing Tier and what Add-Ons your team has.

These settings are controlled in the Form Builder, largely under the Settings tab as described in V2 Form Builder: Form Settings.



This is the description for your form. It is visible beneath the form name in your users' mobile app.


Form Tags


Tags allow your users to filter forms based on certain keywords. To add tags to a form, edit the form.  More information is available in V2 Form Builder: Form Settings.

These tags are visible in the app via Form Details, or by filtering on the tags.

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Workflow Settings

These settings are largely controlled by the Workflow Settings section in the Form Builder: V2 Form Builder: Form Settings.


Inbox and Dispatching: For more information on Dispatching, please read: V2 Form Settings: Inbox and Dispatching

Form Submission State: This focuses largely on Data Record Passthrough. For more information, please read: Data Record Passthrough.

Form Submission Naming & Number Rules: This expression will affect:

  • Dispatched forms in the mobile app "Inbox"
  • Items saved on the device in the "Drafts" screen
  • Items in the "Outbox" and "Sent" Tab
  • "Form Submission Name" in the web portal

Read more about Data Record Naming in the mobile app.

Note: Data Record Naming does not affect the naming of form submissions on destinations. Learn how to customize naming of data records in data destinations.  

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Client Behavior

For more detailed information on these settings, please read: V2 Form Settings: Mobile App Settings


Collect GeoStamp: This setting is found under Advanced Settings in the Form Builder.

Index Page: This allows users to easily navigate between pages by showing them an index page to the left side of the form. More details are here.

Summary Page: The Summary Page allows users to quickly check that all the data they wish to send is there. More details are here.

Allow Users to Share Summary Page: If this option is selected, users may share the summary page using a number of methods. More details are here.

Delete attached/captured files from the device...: This option is described here in Form Settings and is called "Save photos captured in app to the user's camera roll". This option allows mobile users to save photos taken within ProntoForms (for a Camera or Image question, for example) for use outside the app.

Maximum Form Submission Size:

Max items in sent tab: These following two options are controlled in the Sent Box Options of Form Settings.

This setting controls the maximum number of submissions of the specified form only held in the Sent tab. Enter "0"  to disable storage of items in the Sent box.  To remove restrictions, leave the field blank.

Note:  This setting does not affect the number of submissions of other forms held in the Sent tab. 

Days items are stored: This is how long form submissions will be held in the Sent box. 


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These options deal with Editing Form Submissions.


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Device Search

This feature is restricted to Advanced and Enterprise. It is controlled by a setting in the Form Settings screen in the form builder. For more information: Mobile Search Box.

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