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Note: As of November 2018, you will be unable to create new V1 forms. All new forms must be built in the V2 Form Builder, which is available to all ProntoForms customers (view our FAQ here) For more information on how to enable V2 forms, please read: Enabling Access to V2 Forms. 


There are many options for forms, accessible through the Form Builder.  When editing an existing form, any changes will be saved in a new form version.  To change form settings, select the desired form, and click Edit Form. If resuming an editing session, the button will read Continue Editing.


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Form Properties Tab

In the first tab, Name the form.  This name will appear in the web portal and the mobile app.  This is required. The special character / (forward slash) cannot be used in form names. Description is optional, and if entered will also show in the app.

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Enable Index Page

The index page is a table of contents that is accessible when filling out a form in the mobile app.  It lists all pages in the form and allows users to switch between pages easily.  This is very helpful for forms that will not always be filled out in the same order.  Users can start filling in the form from any page, and can return to the Index Page at any point.

Note: If users are able to jump around forms, ensure users do not skip required questions. 


Enable Summary Page


The summary page allows a mobile user to quickly review form data before submitting the form on their device. This is useful for checking that all data has been entered correctly, or for showing a customer a view of all data entered before asking them to sign off. Users can share the summary page if the box labelled Allow users to share summary page is selected. Viewing a summary does not submit the form.


Add Form Tags

To add tags to a form, edit the form.  Tags are found in the first tab of the form builder, under the form description.  Add a maximum of 3 comma-separated tags per form, with a maximum of 12 characters per tag.



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Settings Tab

Access form settings by selecting the Settings, the last tab in the Form Builder. 


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Inbox and Dispatching



Allow form to be dispatched to mobile users

By default, dispatching is disabled and forms can only be started by a user from the Forms tab.  To enable dispatching, select Allow form to be dispatched to mobile users.  Once enabled, select one of the following two options (Required)

  • Form can be dispatched to app Inbox only:  Select this option if the form will always be dispatched to users.  The form will only be visible when an administrator submits a dispatch to a user's Inbox. Mobile users will not be able to start a new submission of this form themselves.   

  • Form can be dispatched OR started by user from the Forms tab:  Select this option if users should be able to receive dispatches to their inbox, as well as start forms from their forms list.

Additionally, specify if the user is allowed to decline Data Records dispatched to them.  When enabled, this option allows users to remove any dispatch of this form they receive from their inbox.  Declined data records are visible in the Data tab of the ProntoForms administration portal.  They are distinguished from completed data records by a red arrow icon.

Note: For dispatching to work, teams must have the inbox enabled.

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Sent Box



These settings apply to teams with the Sent tab enabled.  Enable Display submitted forms in the app Sent Tab  to allow mobile users to view submitted forms on their device.  Read more about customizing the tabs on the mobile app.

Max Data Records in Sent Box

This setting controls the maximum number of submissions of the specified form only held in the Sent tab. Enter "0"  to disable storage of items in the Sent box.  To remove restrictions, leave the field blank.

Note:  This setting does not affect the number of submissions of other forms held in the Sent tab. 

Days in Sent Box

This is how long form submissions will be held in the Sent box. To remove restrictions, leave the field blank.  Note that form submissions are removed from the portal after 45 days, and will also be removed from the Sent box at this time.

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Data Record Naming


Enter a Naming Expression to customize the name of the form in the mobile app. This expression will affect:

  • Dispatched forms in the mobile app "Inbox"

  • Data Records saved on the device in the "Drafts" screen

  • Items in the "Outbox" and "Sent" Tab

Read more about Data Record Naming in the mobile app.

Note: Data Record Naming does not affect the naming of form submissions. Learn how to customize naming of data records in data destinations.  

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 Advanced Options



Collect Geo Location

Automatically collect a form-level GeoStamp that will be hidden from the user.  With Collect Geo Location enabled, a geo stamp question does not need to be added to the form for a geo location to be collected.

Delete attached/captured files from device when data is sent to server

Remove images/signatures (collected within ProntoForms) from the mobile device after the form is completed and successfully sent in.  This is recommended as a way to help manage memory on mobile devices.

Skip Logic

Enable to clear data on pages that are bypassed using skip logic. This option only takes effect when skip logic is utilized.  When a user navigates to a previous page in the form and changes the answer of a skip logic question (consequently changing the "jump to" page), the data on the skipped page is cleared and the page is marked as not visited.  Users will have to revisit and refill the page if they reenable the page. 

  • For example,  a question on Page 1 reads "Add more parts?". The user selects "Yes" and is brought to Page 2 to add part details.  The user then decides to not to add another part. They navigate back to Page 1, and change the answer to "No".  The form then skips to Page 3, and the data erroneously entered on the now-skipped Page 2 is erased, and Page 2 appears unvisited.

Enable Data Record Passthrough

ProntoForms allows for the configuration of Data Passthrough on a per form basis. Please see the Data Passthrough overview for more information.

Maximum Submission Size

This is useful for forms that capture image files, which can be quite large.  Choosing this option will help avoid problems in transmission and minimize the impact to data plan usage.  We recommend a maximum of 2 MB for best performance on all devices.   This is the default value.

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Unique Reference Number

When building a form, it is possible to attach an unique reference number to the form submission to ensure each filename is different and easily recalled. 

Reference Number Prefix

The reference number prefix will be shown before the reference number.  The form submission's name will contain this prefix in the web portal. Manually downloaded documents will also contain this prefix in the file name.  The prefix can be any string of text, but is often the form name.  Data Record Expression Language cannot be used in the prefix.


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Data Record Reference Number

The Data Record Reference Number is a form submission's unique identifier.  By default, the submission date is the first part of the number.  The reference number can be customized to include:

  • Reference # Prefix

  • Data Record Time

  • Data Record Submitter ID

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