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ProntoForms allows for the configuration of Data Passthrough on a per form basis. Data Passthrough limits storage of form submission data to temporary, encrypted storage. Application code actively deletes the submission data from temporary storage after successful processing of a submission (i.e. no failed destinations). In the case where a destination has failed to execute, data will be deleted from temporary storage between 24 and 48 hours from upload.

It is highly recommended for users of this feature to configure a redundant data destination to help safeguard against loss of data. This data destination should ideally route data to a different location, allowing you to back up your data if there is an issue or outage with the main service you are routing your data to. If there is an issue in the submission processing, the data is held for up to 48 hours. There will be a limited number of automatic re-executions before the data is deleted. If an issue with your data destination is not resolved within 24 hours, your data may be lost.

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Best Practices for Data Passthrough

As ProntoForms does not retain any record of information sent using data passthrough, we cannot recover any form submissions made this way. If your data is only backed up to one external system such as a Box destination, and that system errors, the data is unrecoverable. Moreover, if a submission or destination fails, ProntoForms Support has a very limited ability to troubleshoot, as we are unable to see the data.

This section offers some suggestions for mitigating these risks.

Using Backup Locations

If you automatically back up your full form submission data to at least two external locations using data destinations, as is required in the Form Builder, you will have a fallback location if one system is down. For example, if you connect a Sharepoint destination and an FTP destination, and Sharepoint has an issue, the form submission data will be available on the FTP destination.

In addition to providing a backup, this also helps our Support Team troubleshoot issues. For example, if an email doesn't send, or a dispatch destination doesn't trigger due to some data in your form (such as a bad username or email), you can look up this data in your external system to tell us what it was. Then, you can fix it in your forms so it doesn't happen again. If you haven't backed up this data and cannot provide it to us, Support cannot troubleshoot.

Testing Before Enabling Passthrough

You should test:

  • Before you enable passthrough
  • Each time you make changes in your forms, data sources, or external destination.

Depending on your data destination, small changes can cause the destination to fail. For example, putting the wrong data type in a Sharepoint Custom List or Salesforce results in those destinations rejecting the data, causing the entire form submission to fail.

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Enable Data Passthrough

To enable data record passthrough:

    1. Select the form you need and click on the Edit Form button.
    2. Click on the Settings tab.
    3. Under Advanced Properties, select the 'Enable data record passthrough' option. Note: You will be unable to use this feature without two destinations attached to the form.

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Incompatible Features

If you are using Passthrough on your data, you cannot use the following features:

  • Editing Form Submissions: As ProntoForms does not retain the data when Passthrough is enabled, there is no data to edit.
  • Viewing Form Submissions from the Sent Box: ProntoForms does not retain data when Passthrough is enabled, and therefore mobile users cannot view what was sent after it has been sent.
  • Retrieving Form Submissions/Documents via the API: As the API call is triggered externally, by the time it runs, the data has left ProntoForms' systems. 
  • Advanced Analytics: As ProntoForms cannot retain the information to be sent to an analytics project, Advanced Analytics is incompatible with Data Passthrough.
  • Mobile Search Box: Similarly to Viewing Form Submissions from the Sent Box, searching on previous form submissions does not work, as ProntoForms retains no data.
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