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When using Data Passthrough, which limits storage of form submission data to temporary, encrypted storage, the solution will not retain any submitted form data.. This is a useful setting for organizations who collect sensitive information, but it is only recommended for use in cases where it is necessary, as this setting limits the ability of the ProntoForms team to troubleshoot.

When a form has this feature enabled it is very important to have at least two different types of data destinations handling all data from the form, even if one destination is simply a backup. If a data destination fails for any reason (such as incorrect authentication, a failure/outage of your chosen destination service, etc.) with passthrough turned on, ProntoForms cannot recover any of your missing data.

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Enable Data Record Passthrough

To enable data record passthrough:

    1. Select the form you need and click on the Edit Form button.


    2. Click on the Settings tab.

       Settings Tab

    3. Under Advanced Properties, select the 'Enable data record passthrough' option.


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Incompatible Features

If you are using Passthrough on your data, you cannot use the following features:

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