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Forms are organized in folders called "FormSpaces".  Forms are usually grouped into FormSpaces based on business unit, location, or function.  In cases where all users can have access to all forms, sometimes one FormSpace is enough.

In the web portal, all navigation is within the Current FormSpace.  This means that all work done in the Manage Forms tab will only affect this FormSpace.  A Default FormSpace can also be chosen.  

Enable/Disable FormSpaces

By default, FormSpaces are disabled for new teams. It is possible to enable them if a team needs to provide different forms to different groups. Learn how to enable FormSpaces

FormSpaces control:

View the video below to learn more about FormSpaces.

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The FormSpaces Page

To list all FormSpaces on a team:

  • Mouse over "Manage Forms" in the main menu and click the link beside the current FormSpace to "Switch."



  • FormSpaces are listed in alphabetical order.  You can add a number or symbol to the beginning of the name to make it appear at the top of the list.  
  • The number of forms, data sources, resources and data destinations each FormSpace contains is listed.
  • Click the gear icon for quick access to options to view FormSpace details, edit a FormSpace, or delete it.  Note that deleting a FormSpace will delete everything it contains, including forms, data sources, and data destinations.



Default FormSpace

The Default FormSpace is automatically the "current" FormSpace when users log in to the web portal.  For teams with more than one FormSpace, the most-edited FormSpace can be set as the Default FormSpace for ease of navigation.

On the FormSpaces page, the Default FormSpace is indicated with a yellow star.  Simply click on the star beside the desired FormSpace to make it the default FormSpace.  There can only be one default FormSpace per team.

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Create a FormSpace

  • From the FormSpaces page, click the createformspace.png button.
  • Name the FormSpace.
  • Optionally Notify users of updates to this FormSpace via Push messages.  Users will receive a Push Notification through the mobile app when changes have been made.  They will be prompted to refresh/reconcile the app to retrieve new data from ProntoForms.  This will help prevent users from submitting data against out-of-date forms.
  • Upload New Logo:  If a logo is uploaded in the FormSpace, it will override the Team-level logo for all forms in the FormSpace. This logo will show on all PDF, Word, and HTML documents for forms in the FormSpace. The recommended size for the banner logo is 1200x400px, and supported file types include PNG (recommended) and JPG.
  • Assign groups to the FormSpace.  Users in these groups will able to use the forms in this FormSpace.  A FormSpace can be assigned to multiple groups, and a group can be assigned multiple FormSpaces.  


  • Assign Connections to the FormSpace.  Connections are required to link Data Destinations and Data Sources to external services. 


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Edit or Delete a FormSpace

To edit or delete a FormSpace:

  1. Navigate to the FormSpaces page.
  2. Mouse over the gear icon on the right of the desired FormSpace and select "Update" or "Delete" as desired.


NOTE: Once a FormSpace is deleted, it cannot be recovered.  Deleting a FormSpace will also permanently delete all forms, data sources, data destinations, and form images contained in the FormSpace, and all form submissions.

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