How-To: Enable FormSpaces

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FormSpaces are folders for forms.  They allow administrators to give different users access to different forms 

If all users should have access to all forms, one FormSpace is enough.  Multiple FormSpaces are useful where there are different groups with different forms and functions in a business.  In order to create more FormSpaces, a team must first Enable FormSpaces. 


Enable FormSpaces

  1. Hover over the username tab and select Team Settings.

  2. Under the General Settings tab from the dropdown menu next to the team name, select Enable Formspaces.

  3. A confirmation message will appear above the tabs. You can now create additional FormSpaces.  Enabling multiple FormSpaces does not automatically create additional FormSpaces.  

Note: If a team has multiple FormSpaces, disabling them will put all forms in a single FormSpace.  This cannot be undone. 

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Add FormSpaces

Once multiple FormSpaces are enabled, add additional FormSpaces to the team. 

  1. Mouse over Manage Forms and click (Switch). 

  2. Select Create FormSpace.

  3. Name the FormSpace.

  4. Add the Group(s) that should have access to the FormSpace.  Adding Groups is the only way to allow users access to the forms in it.
    Read more about Advanced FormSpace Permissions.
  5. Optionally designate a Problem Contact Email Address, Upload a New Logo, and add existing Connections to the new FormSpace. 
  6. When done, hit Create to save the FormSpace.

  7. To access the new FormSpace, follow Step 1. FormSpaces will be listed on this page. 

Read about managing multiple FormSpaces.

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FormSpace Limits

The number of FormSpaces is limited by your tier:

Lite (AT&T Mobile Forms) Professional Essentials Advanced Enterprise
N/A N/A 5 FormSpaces 25 FormSpaces Unlimited
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