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With the Google Cloud Print data destination, submitted forms automatically print to a Cloud Print-enabled printer.   This time-saving feature allows work orders, invoices, estimates, etc. to instantly print, whether the printer is in one state and the user in another, or whether the printer is in the field user's work vehicle.

The Google Cloud Print Data Destination is typically used alongside another data destination, like the Google Drive Data Destination, for storage purposes.  Different documents can also be sent to different services with a single form submission.  Read here for more information on data destinations.


Google Cloud Print is a free online service that connects a printer to the web, and makes it available to receive print jobs through a Google account.  Looking for two-way integration?  Read more about how ProntoForms connects with Google services.

Setting up Google Cloud Print

Some "Cloud Ready" printers are capable of connecting to the service directly, while printers lacking this capability can still use the service if they are connected to a computer (Windows, Mac, or Linux) with internet access and with the Google Cloud Print connector installed.

To learn more about setting up and using Google Cloud Print, you may wish to consult the following resources online:

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Set Up


  1. Create the data destination following the instructions here.
  2. Destination Basics: Name the destination.  Optionally choose to auto-link forms and documents to this destination.
  3. Add Filtering:  With a filter set up, form submissions will only be sent through the destination if the filter is met.  Read more here.
  4. Connection: Set up a Google Connection or choose an existing connection.
  5. Choose the printer to send submitted forms to.

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Link the Data Destination to Forms

In order for the destination to send any submitted form data, it must first be connected to the form.  This is done in the Data Destinations tab of the form builder.

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Testing and Troubleshooting Data Destinations

Data destinations should be configured and tested carefully before using them in production. This is key to ensuring that ProntoForms data is received correctly. Please consult the recommendations for testing and troubleshooting data destinations.

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