Data Destinations Overview



Data destinations control where data is sent when a form is submitted.  Data is automatically routed to the chosen service in the format of your choice, making data sharing and storage an automated process.

Data destinations can: 

  • Email user-friendly PDF or Word documents to customers
  • Route form submissions to cloud and enterprise services
  • Send custom notifications through SMS or social media
  • Deliver collected information in structured data formats, like XML and JSON.


One data destination can be linked to any number of forms in the same Formspace.  Multiple data destinations can also be linked to the same form, allowing your data to be delivered to a variety of locations simultaneously.  Don't want your forms sent anywhere?  You can still download them from the portal.


Testing and Troubleshooting:

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Data Destination Types

Generic Backend Integration

System Integration:

Cloud Service Integration:


Currently, ProntoForms works on Salesforce API version 24, with the exception of the Custom Object destination, which is up to version 42. Note: Salesforce does not support data from Repeatable Sections.

Quickbooks Online

Business Software Integration:

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