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The SMS Data Destination can automatically send a text message to provided phone numbers when a form is submitted.  These can be pre-set phone numbers that receive a notification every time a form is submitted, or they can be manually chosen/entered in a form. The notifications sent can also be pre-set, static messages, or they can be dynamically generated based on the data submitted -- for example, including answers such as a customer name.  

This data destination can be useful for sharing data between company users, and can instantly provide brief updates on clients or projects to users at various locations across multiple devices.  It can also be used to provide notifications to customers.

Tip for mobile users: 

  • SMS notifications from ProntoForms are always sent from the same phone number. 
  • Try saving this number in your device's "Contacts" as "ProntoForms Notification Service" or something similar to more easily manage your notifications.

Note: Due to the cost associated with text messaging in some regions, SMS is available only for some countries.  There is also a limit of 50 messages per month per team.  If your SMS needs exceed these limitations, please contact to discuss an alternative solution.

To set up a destination, follow the instructions here: Creating and Maintaining Data Destinations

Data destinations automatically back up data collected in the field.  They reduce the need to visit the web portal by making submitted forms available through the services you already use.  Different documents can also be sent to different services with a single form submission.  Read here for more information on data destinations.


Verify whether a Data Destination meets your compliance requirements before you configure the destination. Customers who must maintain HIPAA compliance should not use an SMS Data Destination.

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SMS Configuration

SMS Message

This is the message that will be sent to recipients.  Use the Data Record Expression Language to insert answers from your forms.  For example, entering "A %f has been completed for %a[CustomerName]." could send a notification like "A General Inspection Form has been completed for Company ABC."

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  •  Send SMS to the Data Record Submitter is selected by default; this will send an SMS to the submitter's phone number as configured in their ProntoForms account. 
  •  Send SMS to users with “Data Record Submission Listener” checked in the Data Record Submitter's groups:  This will send a notification via SMS to any user with this permission configured for this formspace.  Read more about Administrative Permissions here. 

Groups to Include

Select specific groups to receive notifications. All members of the selected group will receive notifications at the phone number linked to their ProntoForms account.

Other Phone Numbers to Include

Enter the phone number of any additional recipients who should receive a notification for every form submission processed by the destination. 

Form Labels to Extract

This option is used to select a phone number type question on the form, then send a notification to the phone number provided as the answer.  This is typically used for a customer phone number, as they may be one-time recipients.

    •  Locate a Phone number type question in the Form Builder and find the unique ID (as seen below). 
    • Enter the Unique ID in the Question Labels box.

What countries can SMS messages be sent to?

You can find this list on the Data Destination Configuration page. ProntoForms can send SMS messages to recipients using the country codes and formats for the following countries.

Afghanistan Comoros Iceland Mauritius Singapore
Albania Cuba India Moldova South Sudan
Andorra Cyprus Indonesia Monaco Sri Lanka
Angola Denmark Iraq Mongolia Sudan
Anguilla Dominica Israel Montenegro Suriname
Antigua and Barbuda Egypt Jamaica Montserrat Swaziland
Aruba El Salvador Jordan Mozambique Taiwan
Bangladesh Equatorial Guinea Kenya Netherlands Antilles Tajikistan
Barbados Ethiopia Kuwait Nigeria Tanzania
Belarus Faroe Islands Kyrgyzstan Oman Thailand
Belize Fiji Laos Pakistan The Democratic Republic Of Congo
Benin French Guiana Latvia Papua New Guinea Togo
Bermuda French Polynesia Liberia Peru Tonga
Bhutan Gabon Liechtenstein Philippines Trinidad and Tobago
Bolivia Gambia Lithuania Puerto Rico Tunisia
Bosnia and Herzegovina Georgia Luxembourg Qatar Turkey
Botswana Gibraltar Macao Russia Turks And Caicos Islands
Brunei Greenland Macedonia Rwanda Uganda
Burkina Faso Grenada Madagascar Saint Kitts And Nevis United Arab Emirates
Cambodia Guadeloupe Malawi Saint Lucia United Kingdom
Canada Guam Malaysia Samoa United States
Cape Verde Guinea Maldives Saudi Arabia Uruguay
Cayman Islands Guinea-Bissau Malta Senegal Uzbekistan
Central African Republic Honduras Martinique Serbia Venezuela
Chad Hong Kong Mauritania Sierra Leone Zambia


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Testing and Troubleshooting Data Destinations

Data destinations should be configured and tested carefully before using them in production. This is key to ensuring that ProntoForms data is received correctly. Please consult the recommendations for testing and troubleshooting data destinations.

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