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Google Sheets Data Destination



  • Richard Hammond

    Is it not possible to send the question text for the column headers rather that the question labels?  

  • Josh Gafur

    EDIT:  As of Oct 1 2020 the workaround below is no longer available, Shift + Z now functions as an alternative "Add shortcut".


    For files under "Shared with me", I ran into an issue when trying to "Add to My Drive", as Google changed it to "Add shortcut to Drive", which is functionally different.  The data destinations kept creating new spreadsheets rather than going through the shortcut that was added to My Drive. 

    The workaround I found was to do the following (per

    1) Open the "Shared with me" section. 
    2) Click a folder or files to be added to another location. (it will be highlighted) 
    3) Press down "Shift + Z" 
    4) Can choose a location in a dialog box.
    After doing this I was able to get my Pronto data to feed into the correct Google spreadsheet.

    As the user in the above thread mentions, there is a possibility this option could go away in the future.


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