Manual Upload Data Sources: Using CSV, XML, JSON Files or Excel Files


This feature is available on all tiers.


Data sources can be managed manually in the web portal (or through the ProntoForms REST API) by uploading appropriately formatted files in CSV (comma-separated values), XML, JSON, or Excel (XLS/XLSX) format.  

This data source type is designed for use in cases where data is not uploaded frequently.  Sources connected to cloud or enterprise services can fetch data automatically, reducing administrative work.



Configure a Manual Upload Data Source

Create the data source as described here, selecting Manual Upload Data Source as the type.


Select a Name and optionally a Description.


Input File


  • Choose a Data Format
  • UTF-8 Encoded:  If the file to upload is saved with UTF-8 encoding (CSV), check this option.  If you are not sure if it is, leave this unchecked.
  • Trim Whitespace: This option will remove any space, tab, or other "whitespace" characters that may be present at the beginning or end of a data value.  This is recommended.
  • CSV Delimiter: This option is relevant only when uploading a CSV file.  When saving to delimited format from a spreadsheet application, comma is generally used as the separating character, but semi-colon may be used by some applications in some regions.
  • Data Source File: Browse and select the file to upload.

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