Creating and Managing Data Sources


Create a Data Source

To create a Data Source:

  1. Mouse over the Manage Forms tab.

  2. If the team has multiple FormSpaces, confirm that you are in the desired FormSpace, and select Data Sources.  

  3. Press Create Data Source.

  4. There are a number of different types of Data Sources available.    Choose the one appropriate to your integration needs.  Articles specific to each integration type can be found here.

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View Data Source Details

View the details of an existing data source to check on its status or download a CSV file of the existing current data it stores.

To view the Data Source:

  1. Under the ​Manage Forms tab in the web portal, select ​Data Sources. 

  2. Select the desired data source from the list by clicking on its name.  Information about the data source is viewable on the following page.  
    Note: If the desired data source is not listed, confirm that you are in the desired FormSpace.

In the top left, view a summary of the data source details.  


  • This section lists the number of forms referencing the source, and the partitions applied (details of these are shown on the bottom right of the page.)

  • The Last Update date/time is listed.  Note that this is the last time the actual content of the data source changed, not the last time an admin made changes to the data source configuration, nor the last time a fetch was completed (in the case of dynamic data sources).  If a fetch was made, but ProntoForms found no changes to the data, this date will not change.

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In the bottom left, the column headers from the source data are listed.

  • Columns with a cross-circle.png beside them are not used in any forms.  
  • Columns with a check.jpg beside them are used in a form/forms.
  • You can delete columns from this list by mousing over the column and selecting the Delete option.  However, the column will be re-added the next time the source data is updated/the data is fetched if it is still in the source data.

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Download the Data Source as CSV or Excel:

In order to view the full current content of the data source, download the data source as a CSV file.

  1. Mouse over the dropdown beside the data source name.

  2. Select "Download as CSV." 

  3. Open the CSV or Excel file with a spreadsheet program.

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Upload New Data/Fetch New Data

The content of Data sources is edited by uploading new data files; it is are not edited directly within the ProntoForms portal.  

For Manual Upload Data Sources, upload the new file to the data source within the ProntoForms portal.  

  1. Go to the desired Data Source.
  2. Press Upload New Data.

  3. Upload your new file on the next page. 


For dynamic data sources, the files are uploaded externally, in the system you've connected to.  ProntoForms can fetch the new data on a schedule, although an administrator can manually "Fetch" from within the portal. Tis is helpful when you've made changes to the data source that you want to test quickly.

  1. Go to the desired Data Source.
  2. Press Fetch New Data.

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Copy Data Source

Copying a Data Source will create a duplicate of the Data Source; this could be used to make the same Data Source available to Forms across multiple different FormSpaces.

  1. Go to the desired Data Source.
  2. Press Copy.
  3. The required fields are highlighted with an asterisks; this includes: Target FormSpace and Target Data Source Name.

    • Target FormSpace: This is where you want to place the copy

    • Target Data Source Name: This is what you'd like to name the copy.

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Move Data Source

Data Sources can be moved from one FormSpace to another. However, they cannot be moved if they are currently referenced by any forms.

  1. Go to the desired Data Source.
  2. Press Move.

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Merge Data Source


Merge allows you to repoint forms to a new data source without editing the forms. This is useful if you have multiple forms referencing different data sources that you have consolidated. You can also use the Merge function to move from one data connection type to another. For example, you could move to a Quickbooks Online data source instead of using manual data-entry.

  1. Under the ​Manage Forms tab in the web portal, select ​Data Sources.

  2. Select the data source to be merged. This should be the old data source, not the target.
    Note: If the desired data source is not listed, confirm that you are in the desired FormSpace.

  3. Click on the down arrow next to the data source name. Select Merge.

  4. Under Data Source to merge into, use the dropdown menu to select which data source you are merging the data into.

  5. Under Keep the data from, select which data source's data columns will be used. 
    Note: This will not copy over your data entries. It will only copy the data column headers (i.e., Customer Name, Address).

  6. Click Merge
    Note: The initial data source will be deleted. This cannot be undone.


Delete Data Source

Data Sources can be deleted from a FormSpace. However, delete can only be performed if there are no Forms currently utilizing the Data Source. Deleting a data source is permanent; the data cannot be recovered from the ProntoForms server.

  1. Under the ​Manage Forms tab in the web portal, select ​Data Sources.

  2. From the drop-down menu beside the data source name, select Delete.  
    Note: If the desired data source is not listed, confirm that you are in the desired FormSpace.

  3. A pop-up window will appear to confirm your action. Click OK to delete the Data Source.

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