Auto-Populating Answers From a Data Source



Data sources can be used to populate a series of fields in a form based on the answer to previous question.  For example,  a form could allow a user to select a part from a list, and the answers for part number, part description, and part cost could be automatically filled in from the data source.  



Auto-Populating Answers from a Data Source

  1. Create a form and upload a data source with two or more columns. Reference the data source in a radiobutton or dropdown question as detailed in this article.  
  2. Create a Target Question. Questions populated by a data source are typically textboxes with a text or number data type. Target questions are typically set to “read-only,” but this is not necessary.
  3. In your dropdown/radiobutton question properties, under Data Source Configuration check the Collect Additional Answers box.
  4. Add Additional Answers and associate the desired Source Columns with the Target Questions to be populated.   For this example, the dropdown question will reference the “Customer” column of a data source, and the following questions will be populated with "Phone Number," "Region," and "Address" columns.
  5. By default, the Generate box will be checked.  This will generate a new question to be populated by the source column.   This is not desirable if attempting to autopopulate existing fields in a form.


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WebClient users may experience compatibility issues in the case of data sources populating questions on the same page; if the form will be used on these devices, the fields to be autopopulated should be on a separate page following the dropdown/radiobutton question.

Please note that the webclient is no longer supported or updated: new features may not work.

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Date/Time Format

When using a data source with date/time formatted data, please ensure that it follows the appropriate ISO format:


Should this be incorrectly formatted, the push will fail on iOS. Android has more permissive handling in that it allows the seconds to be omitted. 

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