Advanced Data Sources: User and Group Overrides

Available: Only where existing overrides are in place.



Data source overrides have been replaced by data source partitions.  While overrides require separate data files to be uploaded for a particular user or group in order to provide them with different data, with data source partitions, a single file can be used, making it much faster and easier to manage and update data sources, leaving less room for human error.

While it is no longer possible to create new overrides, it is possible to edit existing overrides, including updating new data to them.   In most cases, however, it is recommended that organizations transition to either using partitions to filter their data sources, or to configure filtered lookups in the Form Builder.  

Note: Overrides apply at the FormSpace level; they are attached to the data source itself rather than to a particular form.  All forms in the FormSpace using the data source will be affected.



Editing an Override

  1.  Navigate to the desired data source.  Locate the override at the bottom right of the data source page, mouse over it and select the edit.jpg icon.           
  2. Alternatively, select the View Details icon, then on the following page, mouse over the dropdown beside Source Data Override and select Edit Override.



3. Select a user or a group to apply the override to.

4. Upload the new data source override file. (See our article on manually uploading a data source).

  • Note:  The override data source must have column headings identical to the original data source.

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