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Data Sources and Data Destinations use Connections to link to external services.  Data Sources can import data from these external services,  and Data Destination can route data to them.  Connections are configured at the Team level, meaning they can be made accessible to any Data Destinations and Data Sources.  Connections streamline the process of creating new Data Destinations/Sources, as each Data Destination/Source can simply use an existing Connection; there is no need to re-enter credentials and connection details.  This is especially useful for organizations that have multiple data destinations/sources connected to the same service.

Some connections can be used for a number of different data destinations/sources; for example, the Amazon Connection can be used by all types of Amazon Destinations and Sources, and the Google Connection can be used for all types of Google Destinations and Sources.

Learn more about cloud and enterprise connections by viewing the video below.




Create a Connection

Connections can be created through the Connections page, or directly from the configuration options from any Data Destination/Source.

Through the Connections page:

  1. Mouse over Manage Forms in the main menu.
  2. Select Connections.   
  3. On the following page, select the createconnection.png button.
  4. Follow the configuration instructions for your desired connection type (select from the list below). 

From any Data Destination/Source: 

  1. When creating or editing a Data Destination or Data Source, navigate to the "Connection" tab.
  2. Choose "Create a New Connection" to set up a new connection.
  3. Follow the configuration instructions for your desired connection type (select from the list below).


Connection Types

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