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Amazon Web Services Connection



  • M Bu

    I tried this procedure but got the following error message: "YOU MUST PROVIDE AN APP SECRET"

    • Note that the button is now called Create New Access Key in the AWS Security Credentials page (not Create New Root Key)

    • I also tried using IAM and an access key generated for a new IAM user

    • I double checked my bucket name, as well as public an secret keys

    • Q: Any specific permissions needed on the S3 bucket?

    • Q: does it have to be the root credentials or an IAM user credentials?

    Thank you!


  • Danielle Morley

    Hello Martin,

    • It needs to be Access Key credentials, created under an IAM user 
    • The IAM user needs to have write access to the bucket and key prefix you define in your destination configuration


    This article has been updated with this information.



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