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The Amazon Web Services Connection connects ProntoForms to Amazon Web Services.  This enables the use of the Amazon Glacier Data Destination, Amazon S3 Data Destination, Amazon SNS Data Destination, Amazon S3 Data Source, and TELUS Managed Storage Integration.  Note that the Connection will only be used if referenced in the Data Destination or Data Source configuration.  

Enterprise and Cloud Connections link to external services from which data sources can import data, and to which data destinations can route data.  Read more about Connections here.

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Configure the Connection

  • Name the Connection and optionally provide a description.
  • Select the FormSpaces that are allowed to use this connection. 


App Key and App Secret

These are credentials provided by Amazon Web Services.  Note: The credentials must be created under an IAM user.  The IAM user needs to have write access to the bucket and key prefix you define in your destination configuration.

To find these values:

  1. Login to your AWS account.
  2. Mouse over My Account/Console in the top right of the browser, and select Security Credentials.
  3. Expand the Access Keys tab.
  4. Select Create New Access Key 
  5. Your AWSAccessKeyId and AWSSecretKey will be both shown on-screen and provided in a .csv file for you to download and save.

When configuring an AWS connection, the AWSAccessKeyId is the "App Key."  The AWSSecretKey is the "App Secret."

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Custom Endpoint

A custom endpoint allows you to connect ProntoForms to S3 compatible services such as the TELUS Managed Object Integration. Only select this if you are using an S3 compatible service.

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  • Avatar
    M Bu

    I tried this procedure but got the following error message: "YOU MUST PROVIDE AN APP SECRET"

    • Note that the button is now called Create New Access Key in the AWS Security Credentials page (not Create New Root Key)

    • I also tried using IAM and an access key generated for a new IAM user

    • I double checked my bucket name, as well as public an secret keys

    • Q: Any specific permissions needed on the S3 bucket?

    • Q: does it have to be the root credentials or an IAM user credentials?

    Thank you!


  • Avatar
    Danielle Morley

    Hello Martin,

    • It needs to be Access Key credentials, created under an IAM user 
    • The IAM user needs to have write access to the bucket and key prefix you define in your destination configuration


    This article has been updated with this information.