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Used with its associated data sources and destinations, the HTTP Connection can:

  • send data from submitted forms to any desired web app or data storage system connected to the Internet.
  • pull business data (such as customer information, parts, prices, and more) from your system for use in mobile forms.

When configured correctly on both ends, the HTTP Connection can send any data from submitted forms to any web app connected to the Internet, not just data storage systems. 

The HTTP Connection can be used with the HTTP POST Data Destination, HTTP File Upload Data Destination, Template-Driven HTTP Data Destination, WebDav (HTTP PUT) Data Destination, and the HTTP GET Data Source.  Note that the Connection will only be used if referenced in the Data Destination or Data Source configuration.  

Enterprise and Cloud Connections link to external services from which data sources can import data, and to which data destinations can route data.  Read more about Connections here.

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Configure the Connection

  1. Name the Connection and optionally provide a description.
  2. Select the FormSpaces that are allowed to use this connection. This step will be skipped if creating a new connection while creating a Data Destination or Data Source, as the connection will be linked to the FormSpace the Data Destination or Data Source is in.  
  3. Base Connection URL: Enter the URL of the web application or script. 
  4. Authentication : Select Basic / Digest / NTLM / Form-Based and enter your credentials, or check "Anonymous Access" to skip this step.
  5. Click the Create Button. 

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    ios apps

    Hey, basic auth over http(s) is not often accepted by our security team where mobile applications are required to connect to our enterprise backend systems. I was wondering if you guys support mutual SSL or OAuth using the HTTP connection type? 

  • Avatar
    Danielle Morley

    Hello Ben, 

    We don't currently support mutual SSL or OAuth uing the HTTP Connection type, but we have looked into supporting them in the future.  Is there a specific application you'd like to connect to, or is it a custom implementation?

    I recommend creating a feature request ( including this and other relevant information so that we can review your needs for future development.