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The Dropbox Connection is used to link ProntoForms to a Dropbox account.  This allows the use of the Dropbox Data Destination to route submitted form data to Dropbox, and the use of the Dropbox Data Source to fill/update data sources dynamically.  Note that the Connection will only be used if referenced in the Data Destination or Data Source configuration.  


Enterprise and Cloud Connections link to external services from which data sources can import data, and to which data destinations can route data.  Read more about Connections here.

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Configure The Connection

  1. Name the Connection and optionally provide a description.
  2. Select the FormSpaces that are allowed to use this connection.  This step will be skipped if creating a new connection while creating a Data Destination, as FormSpaces will be selected on a previous screen (Connections are only used if referenced in a Data Destination or Data Source). 
  3. Select the Connect button and enter the credentials to associate your ProntoForms account to your Dropbox account. 
  4. Click the Create button.

Note: When creating a Dropbox Connection, allow ProntoForms to create the Apps folder. Do not do so manually, as this will cause connection failure. If you have created the folder manually:

  1. Delete the Apps folder on Dropbox.
  2. Clear the Dropbox connection on ProntoForms.
  3. Follow the steps to create the connection again.

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