QuickBooks Online Connection

Note: The ProntoForms connection with QuickBooks must be made with a QuickBooks Online Plus account. Learn how to check if an account is QuickBooks Online Plus.



This feature is available on the following tier: Enterprise, Advanced.



The QuickBooks Online Connection integrates ProntoForms with QuickBooks Online.  This allows ProntoForms to create objects in a QuickBooks Online account through the use of any QuickBooks Online Data Destination, and to reference QuickBooks Online data in a mobile form through the use of a QuickBooks Data Source.   The connection will only be used if referenced in a QuickBooks Online Data Destination or Data Source configuration.

If you're uncertain of how to set up ProntoForms and Quickbooks Online, try reading: Quickbooks Online Prerequisites and Setup.

Enterprise and Cloud Connections link to external services from which data sources can import data, and to which data destinations can route data.  Read more about Connections here.




Organizations of all sizes use QuickBooks Online to manage their accounting processes.  QuickBooks Online is highly customizable and designed to work with add-on applications, making it a flexible and powerful tool for managing many of your business functions.  Looking for two-way integration?  Read more about the ways ProntoForms can connect to QuickBooks Online.


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Set Up the Connection

  1. Name the connection and optionally provide a description.

  2. If applicable, select the FormSpaces that are allowed to use this connection.  This step will be skipped if creating a new connection while creating a Data Destination or Data Source, as the connection will automatically be linked to the FormSpace the Data Destination or Data Source is in.

  3. Under QuickBooks Online Connection, click Connect, then enter your QuickBooks Online login credentials or follow the prompts if already logged in.


  4. Click the Create button.

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Requirements for Integration

QuickBooks Online Plus 

The ProntoForms connection with QuickBooks must be made with a QuickBooks Online Plus account.  To check if your company account is QuickBooks Online Plus: 

  1. Hover over your company username in QuickBooks to open the menu, and under the Your Company header, select Your Account.


  2. The Product Version will be listed under Billing Info


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QuickBooks Online User Permissions

To successfully connect QuickBooks Online and ProntoForms, the connection must be established by an admin user who has minimum company administration permissions.  If the user does not have this permission, the data destination execution/data source fetch will fail.  To view what permissions a QuickBooks Online user has:

  1. Log into QuickBooks Online. 

  2. Under the account menu, select Manage Users

  3. User permissions are listed under Access Rights.  Master Admin and Company Admin both have the required permissions.


To read more about adding and customizing users in QuickBooks Online, check out QuickBooks' article on how to add and edit users. 

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