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ProntoForms can easily be configured for two-way, out-of-the-box integration with Box.  Box is a popular cloud service that stores content online, allowing Box users to access, manage and share their content from various devices and locations.  Cloud services such as Box are typically used with ProntoForms to archive and share submitted form data, as they are more ideal for long term data storage.  

ProntoForms can be connected to data in Box through the use of a Box Data Destination (which allows ProntoForms to create files in Box containing submitted data),  through a Box Data Source (which allows ProntoForms to reference information that is stored in Box and use it in a mobile form), and through a Box User Group Data Source (which collects information about the user groups configured in Box and pulls it into ProntoForms).  There are also a number of file management methods unique to Box that are relevant to the storage and use of ProntoForms data.  Read more about these options below.

Check out the video below for an overview of the integration options.

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Box Data Destination


The Box Data Destination sends submitted ProntoForms data to a Box account connected to the Data Destination.  Configuration options allow ProntoForms to route data record documents to a single, static folder, or documents can be sorted dynamically into different folders based on form data, such as a customer name or field technician name.   

ProntoForms can send data records to Box in the following formats: PDF, Word, JSON or XML.  A custom Filename Expression can be used to dynamically create filenames, ensuring that your files have recognizable and unique names in your Box account.

Read more about configuring a Box Data Destination here.

Data Destination is a set of rules that determines where (and how) submitted form data should be routed.  When properly configured, Data Destinations can automatically route data to destinations of your choosing, like your Box account. 

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Box Data Source


The Box Data Source allows ProntoForms to retrieve data source data from a specified path in a Box account.   This data is then automatically used by mobile forms referencing the data source in radiobutton or dropdown questions. The Box Data Source is typically configured to fetch data on a specified schedule, ensuring that mobile users have the most up-to-date information in their mobile forms at all times. 

The Box Data Source allows ProntoForms teams to maintain and update their data directly from Box, minimizing the need to access the ProntoForms web administration portal for any ProntoForms-specific maintenance.  Once the data source is properly configured, it can be maintained exclusively through the Box interface.

Read more about configuring a Box Data Source here.  

Data sources or "lookups" are sources of data connected to ProntoForms from external services like Box.  Data sources can provide a list of values for the mobile user in a radiobutton or dropdown question, and then auto-populate answers in later questions,  making data entry into forms easier, faster, and more reliable.  Data sources save typing, reduce errors, and make it easy to provide users with only the relevant, most up to date data when they are on the road.   They also save administrative time; forms do not need to change, even though the data they use may be updated frequently.

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Box User Group Data Source


The Box User Group Data Source makes use of the Box Enterprise feature “groups” and pulls information about the users in a selected Box user group into ProntoForms – creating a list of users by name, login, and Box user ID

Read more about configuring a Box User Group Data Source here.  

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