ProntoForms and Salesforce: Two-Way Integration


This feature is available on the following tiers: Enterprise, Advanced.



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Organizations of all sizes use the Salesforce platform to manage customer relationships and power their business in the cloud. Salesforce is highly customizable and designed to work with add-on applications, making it a highly flexible and powerful tool for managing many of your business functions.  

ProntoForms allows for a two-way integration with Salesforce. Using a Salesforce Data Destination, you can create or update Salesforce records using the data from submitted forms. Data can also be retrieved from Salesforce, using a Salesforce Data Source. 

ProntoForms can streamline your workflows and mobilize your Salesforce data. ProntoForms supports pushing data to standard and custom fields on both standard and custom objects. 

Check out the video below for a quick demonstration of the ProntoForms integration.

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Salesforce Data Destinations

ProntoForms offers a number of Salesforce Data Destinations which create or update records in Salesforce. 

Note: The Custom Object destination can be used to connect to any object in Salesforce, including standard objects. 

Available Salesforce Data Destinations:  

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Salesforce Report Data Source

The Salesforce Report Data Source uses a Salesforce Report as a source of data for your form. 

A Salesforce Report is used to compile data from Salesforce objects. This data can be referenced in mobile forms through dropdown/radio-button questions, or then used to populate other fields.  

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