ProntoForms and Salesforce: Two-Way Integration




ProntoForms allows two-way integration with Salesforce.   With the features discussed here, you can create Salesforce records or update existing records using the data from submitted forms.  Data can also be retrieved from Salesforce for use in a dropdown or radiobutton lists in mobile forms.  


Organizations of all sizes use the Salesforce platform to manage customer relationships and power their business in the cloud.  Salesforce is highly customizable and designed to work with add-on applications, making it a highly flexible and powerful tool for managing many of your business functions.  

By minimizing the need to access the Salesforce web interface, these ProntoForms features streamline workflows and mobilize your Salesforce data.  ProntoForms also supports pushing data to custom fields and custom objects, allowing you to to make full use of Salesforce's flexibility. 

Check out the video below for a quick demonstration of some of the available options.

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Salesforce Data Destinations

First, ProntoForms offers a number of Salesforce Data Destinations.  These data destinations create or update records in Salesforce. Each data destination type connects to a different Salesforce object.  

Note: The Custom Object destination can be used to connect to any object in Salesforce, not just custom ones. This includes Field Service Lightning objects.

Available Salesforce Data Destinations:  

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Salesforce Report Data Source

While Data Destinations send data from submitted forms, Data Sources are external sources of data that can be pulled into ProntoForms and used in mobile forms.   The Salesforce Report Data Source uses a Salesforce Report as an source of data. 

In Salesforce, a Report is used to compile data from selected Salesforce objects, like accounts, leads, and contacts, and display this data in a graphic or tabular form.  This data can be referenced in mobile forms through dropdown/radiobutton questions and then used to populate other fields.  

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