ProntoForms and Google: Two-Way Integration



ProntoForms offers a number of options for direct integration with various Google services and apps.  ProntoForms can be set up to both send data to Google based on data submitted through a mobile form, and to retrieve data from Google to be referenced in a mobile form. 


Data Destinations

ProntoForms offers four distinct Data Destinations that connect to Google.  These Data Destinations can be configured to route data from submitted forms to various Google services/apps, and use it for a number of purposes, depending on the type of data destination selected.  

Available Google Data Destinations:

A Data Destination is essentially a set of instructions or rules that determine where (and how) submitted data from your mobile forms should be routed.  Multiple Data destinations can be linked to the same form, allowing for flexibility in the handling of your data.

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Data Source

ProntoForms offers one Data Source that connects to Google: the Google Sheets Data Source.  The Google Sheets Data Source allows ProntoForms to retrieve data from a Google Sheets spreadsheet.

Data sources or "lookups" are sources of data connected to ProntoForms from external services like Google.  Data sources can provide a list of values for mobile users in a radiobutton or dropdown question, and then auto-populate answers in later questions,  making data entry into forms easier, faster, and more reliable.

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Two-Way Integration with Google Sheets

ProntoForms offers two-way integration with Google Sheets through the Google Sheets Data Source and the Google Sheets Data Destination.  These features enable the storage of all ProntoForms data in Google Sheets, making this data accessible from the Google Sheets mobile app anytime, anywhere, from any device.

The Google Sheets Data Destination and Data Source features can even be combined to allow submitted form data to update the data source.  For example, a form could be configured to use existing customer information from a "Customer Name" column in the data source.  In the event that the mobile worker needs to enter information for a new customer whom is not yet in the spreadsheet, a data destination could be used to add this new customer to the "Customer Name" column of the spreadsheet, making their information available to the next mobile worker who needs to use it in their forms. 

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About Google Sheets

Google Sheets is a Google business app that allows allows users to create, edit and share spreadsheets in the native Google spreadsheet format.  Google Sheets is directly integrated with Google Drive, a popular cloud-based storage service, making your spreadsheets accessible both from the web (through the Google Sheets app, or through Google Drive and Google Docs) and from the Google Sheets app on your mobile device.  While your spreadsheets can be private documents, Google Sheets also allows you to share your spreadsheets with others and collaborate online.

The Google Sheets mobile app (available for download on Android and iOS devices) enables easy creation and editing of Google Sheets on-the-go.  While the spreadsheets "live" online, the mobile app also allows users to work offline.  No network connection is needed to create and edit your spreadsheets; the Google Sheets app will automatically sync your changes when you reconnect.  

While your spreadsheet data can be maintained entirely in Google Sheets, it is also easy to export the data in a variety of formats: .xslx (Excel file), .pdf, .csv, .tsv, .zip.

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    how can i view an image that i have saved in a google sheet from a form submitted using prontoforms. It seems as if the google sheet is capturing the image name not image file