Reference Data Sources in Forms





In order for a form to use existing information, the data must be uploaded as a data source and referenced in a dropdown, radiobutton, or multiselect question in the form.


Reference Data Sources in Forms

  1. Navigate to the desired form and click Edit Form.
  2. Mouse over the dropdown, multiselect, or radiobutton question that will reference the data source, or create a new one.
  3. Select Edit Properties, then select the [Question] Properties tab.


  4. Select the Data Source option.
  5. Under Data Source Configuration, required settings are indicated with a red asterisk (*). 


    • Data Source:  Select the data source that will be used to populate the question.
    • Display Column:  Select the column in the data source the user should be able to choose from.
    • Data Column:  Optionally select another column in the data source to collect data other than what is displayed to the user (eg. the user selects the part name, and the question records the part number).
  6. In the Properties tab, it is possible to further customize the question.  

    configure data source - checkboxes.png

    1. Hide duplicate rows in selection list:  Rows in the data source that are repeated will only be shown once on the dropdown/ radiobutton list/ multiselect. 
    2. Apply Filtering:  It is possible to filter answers in lists. Learn more about data source filtering. 
    3. Collect Additional Answers:  Autofill additional answers from the data source when a designated answer is chosen. This is not available with multiselect. Learn more about auto-populating answers from a data source.
  7. To save changes, hit OK.



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