Integrating ProntoForms with Google



ProntoForms can be integrated with Google Apps in a number of ways.  

Note: To sign into the ProntoForms mobile app with a Google account, field users must use ProntoForms for iOS v.6.8 or higher, or ProntoForms for Android v.5.3.0 or higher.


Google Social Login

If you have a personal or business Google account, you can use your Google credentials to log into the ProntoForms web portal and the ProntoForms mobile app.  This allows you to maintain one set of login credentials -- meaning you have one less password to remember.  If you are linking your Google account to an existing ProntoForms login, you will be able to log in with either set of credentials.

Google Social Login lets you log into ProntoForms with your Google credentials.  Read about creating a connection with your Google services, like Sheets and Drive, in order to send your data to Google Apps.


Login to ProntoForms with your Google Credentials

  1. Press the  login_with_google.png  button in the ProntoForms iOS or Android mobile app, or in the web portal.  If already logged into Google on the device or browser, you will be logged in automatically. Otherwise, you will be asked to choose an account.  

  2. Choose to create a new ProntoForms account or link to an existing account.

  3. You will now be able to log into ProntoForms using your Google username and password. 



Google Apps for Work

Google Apps for Work is an offering from Google which provides enterprises a full suite of business applications like Google Drive and Google Sheets, and offers superior user management functionality.   Google Apps also offers access to 3rd party applications, like ProntoForms, through the Google Apps Marketplace.

The integration options listed below require a Google Apps for Work account. The integration must be completed by someone who is both a ProntoForms team admin and a Google Apps for Work admin.


Install ProntoForms from the Google Apps Marketplace

ProntoForms can be installed as an app in your Google Apps for Work account. 

  • Automatically Send submitted forms to data destinations like Google Drive, Sheets in the folder structure of your choice.
  • Store your data in data sources like Google Drive, and sync the data to mobile forms for use in the field.
  • Log users into ProntoForms with Google credentials.
  • Allow team members to add themselves to your ProntoForms account through the ProntoForms app in Google Drive.
  • Create, edit, and dispatch mobile forms right from Google Drive.


Install ProntoForms as a 3rd-party Google App

  1. Log into Google Apps for Work as an administrator.
  2. Click on the "9-square" menu in the top right, where your apps are listed.
  3. Select More from Apps Marketplace.


  4. Search for ProntoForms.

    google marketplace admin.png

  5. Click +Install App.
  6. Go through the setup link.
    • If you have an existing ProntoForms account, enter your credentials and link the account to Google Apps.
    • If you want to create a new account, you will go through a brief setup process.  Your forms will be automatically integrated so they send all submitted date to Google Drive.

Once installed, you can access the ProntoForms web portal from your Google Apps menu.



Individual forms can be accessed from the ProntoForms folder in your Google Drive.



You can create new forms from the "New" menu in Google Drive.




Integrate an Existing ProntoForms Account with Google Apps for Work

This must be done by a ProntoForms administrator who is also a Google Apps for Work account admin.

  1. Mouse over your username in the top right corner of the ProntoForms web portal.


  2. Select Team Settings.
  3. Enter the Google Integration tab.


  4. Select the Integrate with Google button. 
  5. Follow the prompts.  A connection to your Work domain will be created on your ProntoForms Account.
    • Create Google Drive, Sheet, or Contact data destinations to send submitted data to your Google for Work account.
    • Create Google Sheets data sources to store your parts lists, price lists, customer lists and more.



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