ProntoForms and QuickBooks Online: Two-Way Integration

Note: The ProntoForms connection with QuickBooks must be made with a QuickBooks Online Plus account. Learn how to check if an account is QuickBooks Online Plus.



This feature is available on the following tier: Enterprise, Advanced.



Two-way integration between ProntoForms and QuickBooks Online helps mobilize your QuickBooks Online data.  Create QuickBooks Online invoices, timesheets, and estimates, and add data to existing customer accounts using the data from submitted forms.  Data can also be retrieved from QuickBooks Online for use in lists in mobile forms.

If you are uncertain of how to set up ProntoForms and Quickbooks Online, please read: Quickbooks Online: Prerequisites and Setup


 qb128x128.png   Organizations of all sizes use QuickBooks Online to manage their accounting processes.  QuickBooks Online is highly customizable and designed to work with add-on applications, making it a flexible and powerful tool for managing many of your business functions.  

Watch the video below for an overview of ProntoForms' integration with Quickbooks Online. 






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QuickBooks Online Data Destinations

Connect ProntoForms to QuickBooks Online as a data destination.  The QuickBooks Online data destination automatically sends data from submitted forms to QuickBooks Online.

There are three QuickBooks Online data destinations available.


Automatically produce a custom job estimate that connects directly with data in QuickBooks online, and connect it with a client, employee or contractor.

Read more about setting up QuickBooks Online Estimate data destinations.


Automatically produce a custom invoice that is connected to a client, and record the transaction information in QuickBooks Online for easy bookkeeping.

Read more about setting up QuickBooks Online Invoice data destinations.


Record time for use with timesheets, and connect hours - billable and not - with clients, employees and contractors. 

Read more about setting up QuickBooks Online TimeActivity data destinations.



QuickBooks Online Data Source

While Data Destinations send data from submitted forms, Data Sources are external sources of data that can be pulled into ProntoForms and used in mobile forms.  QuickBooks Online data source data can be referenced in mobile forms through listed questions and then used to populate other fields.  There are three list types available for referencing from QuickBooks Online: Customer, Vendor and Employee.  Each list will pull data pertaining to chosen type and this information can be used to populate forms in the field. 


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