What does "Error: Data Record Processor Execution Failed" mean?




"Error: Data Record Processor Execution Failed" is caused by a data destination (cloud service, email location, etc.) failing to process a form submission.

If a data destination execution has failed, there will be a cross-circle.png beside the record name in the web portal.  To view, select Data in the Data & Analytics tab in the web portal.


Note: This error message is often followed by a more detailed explanation in the web portal. 


How do I fix it?

There are a couple things that might cause this error:

  • Ithe destination a connection to another service?:  Check to ensure the login credentials for your destination are up-to-date in the ProntoForms system.  
  • Is your destination service down?:  Check to ensure the service your data is being sent to is functional by using your favorite search engine to search, "Is [destination] down?"  For example, search, "Is Dropbox down?" in Google. 
  • Does your destination have a valid recipient?: Check to make sure that your destination has either a valid email in the "Other Addresses to Include" section or that the form label question, which may have a user inputted email, is added to the "Form Labels to Extract" section of the Email Data Destination Details of the data destination.
  • Is you Dispatch Destination pointing to the proper username?: If you are using a dispatch destination, be sure that the user's proper username is being pulled from the form. 
  • Does your Email Destination have a Filter Rule?: If your destination has a filter applied and the inputted expression is not matched then the destination will not go through.


If that doesn't work...

If these are not the cause of the error, there are a couple more ways to troubleshoot the issue:

Read more about this error, and view details on how to resolve it.


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