What does "Error: Data Record Processor Execution Failed" mean?


"Error: Data Record Processor Execution Failed" is caused by a data destination (cloud service, email location, etc.) failing to process a form submission.

If a data destination execution has failed, there will be a cross-circle.png beside the record name in the web portal.  To view, select Data in the Data & Analytics tab in the web portal.




How do I fix it?

There are a couple things that might cause this error:

  • Ithe destination a connection to another service?:  Check to ensure the login credentials for your destination are up-to-date in the ProntoForms system.  
  • Is your destination service down?:  Check to ensure the service your data is being sent to is functional by using your favorite search engine to search, "Is [destination] down?"  For example, search, "Is Dropbox down?" in Google. 


If that doesn't work...

If these are not the cause of the error, there are a couple more ways to troubleshoot the issue:

Read more about this error, and view details on how to resolve it.


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