How to find a file path



Some storage destinations and sources request a file path during setup. The file path describes the layers of folders a program will follow to reach a specified file. Find this path in your cloud storage destination



Find File Path

  1. In your cloud storage destination, navigate to the folder your data is in.  
  2. The file path is found at the top of the folder or webpage where you are viewing the file.

    For example: 
    • When viewing files in your web browser, the Google Drive file path is at the top of the Google Drive webpage. In the screen capture below it is  "ProntoForms > Time Sheet > Smith J".


    • When viewing files using a desktop app such as Dropbox or Box, the file path is in the window's address bar.  In the screen capture below it is "Prontoforms > Timesheets > Smith R". 


  3. Once you've found the file path, you can copy it out word for word. Do not include the root folder (ie. Dropbox, My Drive, Box).  

    Note: When entering a file path into the ProntoForms web portal, separate each file with a forward slash (/). For example, the Dropbox file path "Prontoforms > Timesheets > Smith R" will be entered as "ProntoForms/Timesheets/Smith R" in ProntoForms.


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