Integrating ProntoForms with ShareFile


ProntoForms offers direct integration with Citrix Sharefile, an enterprise-grade storage service.  ShareFile allows you to easily synchronize your organization’s data to the cloud and across a wide range of computing environments.


  • provides exceptional levels of security
  • allows sharing of data inside and outside of your organization
  • supports storage and sharing of files up to 10 GB in size.


Check out the video below for a quick demonstration of some of the available options.


ShareFile Data Destination


Data Destinations control where the data from submitted forms is sent.  The ShareFile Data Destination sends submitted forms to a ShareFile folder in the format of your choice.  Set up custom filename expressions to dynamically name your documents based on answers provided in the form. Learn more about Data Destinations here.

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ShareFile Data Source


Data Sources are external sources of data that provide a list of options in mobile forms.  Data sources are often used to provide parts lists, or information about accounts and customers.  The ShareFile Data Source retrieves data from a file stored in ShareFile. This data can then be referenced in dropdown/radiobutton questions and then used to populate other fields.  Learn more about Data Sources here.

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ShareFile User Group Data Source


 The ShareFile User Group Data Source pulls the information from a ShareFile Distribution Group into a ProntoForms Data Source.  For each user in the selected Distribution group, the data source pulls the ShareFile User ID, Name (in the format "First, Last"), and Email (as configured in ShareFile) into ProntoForms.


In ShareFile, Distribution Groups allow users to organize groups of other users; this allows them to to efficiently add users to folders or send files to an entire group, instead of having to manually add every individual user every time.  The ShareFile User Group Data Source can be used to simply to pull a list of names into a mobile form,  but other configurations are also possible.

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