Overview: Assigning Forms to Users



ProntoForms users, groups and FormSpaces are all managed through the ProntoForms web administration portal.   Any team administrator can easily configure users, groups and FormSpaces to manage how forms are assigned, control the data sources users have access to,  and determine special permissions for users and groups.   


The Basic Form Assignment Structure

  • Forms are organized into containers called FormSpaces.
  • Users are organized into groups.
  • Groups are assigned FormSpaces (and the forms within them). 

To assign forms to users:

  1. Add those users to a group.
  2. Add that group to the FormSpace containing the forms to be assigned.  
  3. Confirm that FormSpace Permissions are set to Can Submit (this is a default setting).

Many organizations using ProntoForms can keep it simple and assign all forms to all users, which requires only one FormSpace and one Group.

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