Dispatching Overview

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With ProntoForms dispatching functionality, a partially-completed ProntoForm can be directed to the mobile device of a specific user.  The administrator of the dispatch selects the recipient user, the mobile form to use, and which questions on that form will have pre-filled answers.  This functionality is commonly used to allow an administrator to fill out customer or job information (like a name, job site, address, and contact information).  This can then be sent a mobile user, providing them with important information and helping them arrive prepared for their next site visit.


Dispatching Methods

ProntoForms supports 3 methods for dispatching forms:


Important Points to Note About Dispatching

There are a few additional aspects to consider when setting up your ProntoForms solution for dispatching.  

Always Dispatch, Optionally Dispatch, or Never Dispatch?

With each mobile form, you can specify whether it is eligible for dispatching or not.  By default, a form does not allow dispatches.  For instructions on configuring a form for dispatching, including whether a user is allowed to decline dispatches, refer to the article on Configuring Forms and Destinations for Dispatching.

Question Types and Other Constraints Affecting Dispatched Values 

It is up to the dispatcher to ensure that all pre-filled answers will work with the constraints defined on the form.  If there are problems with the dispatched data (for example, a name is dispatched to a question that requires a phone number), the dispatch will be rejected with an error message.  For important details on questions configurations and answer value formats, please consult Data Formats and Supported Question and Data Types for Dispatching.

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