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The ProntoForms portal dispatch interface is a user-friendly way for administrators to dispatch partially-filled forms to users.  Administrators simply choose a recipient from a dropdown list, and then pre-fill answers.  The interface works similarly to mobile forms in that question and answer fields are listed in a linear fashion, and administrators can select answers from dropdown lists, select a date field to pull up a calendar, etc.  Administrators will also see automatic error messages if their input is invalid (for example, if they have entered text instead of a decimal number).

The dispatching process has been streamlined to eliminate the use of external files or spreadsheet programs, saving administrators time and simplifying workflows.  This also reduces the opportunity for error, as there is no risk of accidentally uploading and dispatching the wrong file.

The portal dispatching interface introduces the possibility of dispatching through the portal from a mobile device.  Since the portal dispatch interface is easy to use on a phone, tablet, etc, administrators can dispatch from in the field, making dispatching more flexible and adaptable to their busy schedules.

Looking to dispatch from the ProntoForms app?

The Dispatch Data Destination streamlines workflows by allowing forms to be dispatched to users on-the-go directly from a mobile form.  While saving administrators time by minimizing the need to access the web administration portal on a frequent basis, this data destination is also incredibly user-friendly, with no .csv files to download and upload. 


Before You Begin

Follow the procedure below to dispatch using the ProntoForms web portal.  Before using the dispatching feature, please verify the following points carefully:

  • Configure your form and data destinations
    Ensure your form is configured for dispatch by reviewing the instructions on Configuring Forms and Data Destinations for Dispatching.  Be sure to set Unique IDs for any questions that you want to pre-fill with data in a .csv/bulk dispatch.
    Optionally, set the Data Record Naming property of your form to control how dispatched records are displayed in the Inbox of your mobile devices. 
  • Update your mobile apps
    Ensure that the recipients of your dispatches are running the latest ProntoForms client on their mobile devices. 

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Instructions for Dispatching

  1. Navigate to the desired form and ensure dispatching is enabled.
  2. Click on the Dispatch button at the top of the form details screen. 
  3. Select a user to dispatch to.  Using this interface,  one form can be dispatched to one user at a time.
  4. Optionally select "Show questions that cannot be dispatched to."  In larger or complex forms, this can be useful in providing context for the questions that can be dispatched to. All questions that cannot be dispatched to will appear, but with the message "You cannot dispatch to a question with a(n) XXXXX control type."
  5. Fill in fields as required.  If an invalid answer is entered, a descriptive error message will be shown.

*NOTE:  If you are using conditional logic to "Set" an answer on a question, we highly recommend NOT dispatching to this question.  The conditional logic and dispatched data may conflict and produce inconsistent results. 

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Dispatching Images

Dispatch images through the ProntoForms portal by uploading a file to any applicable control type:  camera, sketch pad, or signature. This allows administrators to dispatch images that are specific to a particular job, like a site-specific floor plan, a chart for the mobile user  to reference, or a sketch produced in ProntoForms from an earlier site visit or job estimate.  

Supported image file types:  

  • .jpg
  • .png

To dispatch an image, simply use the "Choose File" button for an applicable control in the portal dispatch interface.  


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Bulk CSV Dispatching

Dispatching through the use of a .csv file is supported by ProntoForms.  Though this functionality is intended for bulk dispatching, administrators may still dispatch to individual users in this manner if they so choose.

Access Bulk/CSV dispatching by selecting the Dispatch Data Records button (as usual), and then selecting the Bulk Dispatch button above the portal dispatch interface.  Read the article on bulk dispatching for more information. 


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