How-To: Set up a form for dispatching

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In order to dispatch a form to users, it must be set up to allow dispatching.  Follow the steps below to turn on dispatching for a form.


Set Up a Form for Dispatching

  1. Mouse over the Manage Forms tab and select "List Forms" from the dropdown menu.


  2. From the list, select the desired form.  


  3. Then, click Edit Form



  4.  Under the Settings tab, select the preferred setting for the form. 


    • Allow form to be dispatched to mobile users:   If unchecked, disables dispatching entirely.  If checked, enables dispatching for the form, and displays for the following options:
      • Form can be dispatched to Inbox only:  The form can only be dispatched. Users cannot start a form from the Forms tab.
      • Form can be dispatched OR started by user from the Forms tab: Forms can be dispatched, or started from the Forms tab. 
      • User is allowed to decline forms dispatched to them: If checked, mobile users can decline to fill out forms dispatched to their Inbox.

        Note: You must choose either Form can be dispatched to Inbox only or Form can be dispatched OR started by user from the Forms tab.
  5.  Once done, click Save Changes.


  6. Click Save and Deploy Form.


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