Viewing Form Submissions in the Web Portal



Submitted forms are delivered to the web portal.  

When viewing submissions, you can: 

  • View and download submitted forms
  • Export submissions to a CSV file
  • Set up scheduled email delivery of form submission data
  • Troubleshoot data destination problems

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Access Form Submissions 

From the Data & Analytics tab: 

  1. Click on the Data & Analytics item in the top navigation, or mouse over it then select "Submissions (by Form)."
  2. In the pop-up, find the name of the desired form.  You can type the Form name or FormSpace name to filter the list.  Select the form, then press Continue.  
  3.  You will land on the Form Submissions page.  It will list all submissions made for this form.


From the Form:

  1. Go to the desired form.
  2. Press the Go to Submissions button near the form name.
  3.  You will land on the Form Submissions page.  It will list all submissions made for this form.

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Search Results

Each row in the Results table represents a single form submission.



The columns in the table tell you different kinds of information about a form submission. 

  • Reference #: The unique identifier for the submission.  Click this to view the submission's details.
  • Form Submission Name: The name of the submission, as it will be listed in the mobile app Inbox, Sent box, etc.   This is configured in the form settings, and can include key information from the form (like a customer name or work order number), so that it is easy to spot a submission in this table.
  • Dispatch Sent: If the form was dispatched, the date that the dispatch was created in the web portal. 
  • Submitted on Device: The time the mobile user hit "send" in the mobile app.  It will be blank for open dispatches.
  • Received on Server: The time the web portal received the submission (or when the dispatch was created, if it is still open). 
  • Submitter: The user who submitted the form (or who the dispatch is assigned to, if it is still open). 

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Submission State

The icon in the Reference # column indicates the state of the submission.


Complete: The submission has been successfully uploaded, and all applicable data destinations have executed. 


Complete (Edited): All edits are complete and fully uploaded, and all applicable data destinations have executed.


Complete (Sent for Editing): The initial version of the form submission is complete and all applicable destinations have executed, and the form submission has been sent back to the original submitter to make changes.


Failed: A processing step has failed.  Click on the reference number for details.


Uploading Failed: The submission has been partially uploaded but encountered an error. The user should reconcile. This can also happen when the user downloads a dispatch, an admin then deletes it from the portal, followed by the user trying to upload it.


Uploaded: The submission has uploaded but not processed.  Submissions are usually only at this stage for a minute or so.


Dispatched: The submission has been dispatched and received by the user on their mobile device.  


Dispatching: The submission has been dispatched, but the user has not received it on their mobile device. The user needs to reconcile.

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The following actions can be performed on the submissions that currently show in the Results list. 


 Export Data

 Download submission data as a .csv file. Read more. 
Plot on Map Plot form submissions on a map based on what location they were submitted from. Forms containing valid GPS coordinates will display.
Bulk Delete Submissions

Permanently delete all form submissions shown, up to 1000 at a time.  This cannot be undone.

NoteYour form submissions are deleted immediately from ProntoForms’ servers, and permanently deleted from ProntoForms' Disaster Recovery storage forty-five (45) days thereafter.

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Filter the Results

To narrow down the list of submissions, apply some filters. 

Form Submission Name


The Form Submission Name filter works based on the "contains" operator and you can provide a part of the submission name as a string to match and filter against. 


For example, in the above example, to filter the records with the word "Estimate" in the form submission name, enter the string "Estimate" in the filter text area.


Submitter - User or Group

Select one or more users and groups.  This will show all submissions submitted by/assigned to users in the list, or in one of the groups listed.



Filter based on the status of the submission.


 Categories   -  overall categories of submissions
Any State All Form Submissions will be shown. 
Complete (All) Complete, Complete (Edited), Complete (Sent for Editing)
Dispatches (All) Dispatch Sent, Dispatch Received
Errors (All) Submission Error, Destination Error
 Workflow - filter based on the submission's current part of your business workflow
Dispatch Sent The dispatch was created, but the user has not reconciled to receive it on their mobile device.
Dispatch Received The user reconciled and has the dispatch on their mobile device.
Dispatch Declined The user rejected the dispatch.
Complete Submissions that have been submitted and are not awaiting an Edit. 
Complete (Sent for Editing) Submissions that have been submitted, but have been sent back out to the user for editing.
Complete (Edited) Submissions that have been completed, and have a completed Edit.
Troubleshooting - filter to find submissions with issues or problems

Submission in Progress

Submissions that are still being uploaded or processed.  This is temporary.  

Submission Error

Submissions that have failed to upload or process.

Destination Error

Submissions that have at least one destination that failed to run. 



Select one of the following options to choose a date period or range to include in the filtered results. 

  1. Any Date - Records from all dates available in the system. Remember that ProntoForms stores submitted forms for at least 365 days (see Form Submission Retention and Deletion).
  2. Use Date Period - Includes options for Last 24 hours, Yesterday, Last 7 Days, Last Week, Last 30 Days and Last Month.  
  3. Use Date Range - Allows for specific dates that are selected from a calendar picker. 

Select one of the following as the date to filter by:

  • Date Dispatched: This is the time when the administrator dispatched the form to the mobile user.
  • Dispatch Due Date: This is the due date set in the dispatch metadata.
  • Date Sent on Device:  This is the date/time when the user hit "Send" on their mobile device.  
  • Date Created: This is the date/time the form began uploading to the ProntoForms server. 
  • Date Completed:  This the Date/Time the ProntoForms server finished processing the data.
  • Date Received by Server: This is the date/time the ProntoForms server received the form.  This usually differs by a few seconds from "Date Sent on Device,"  but will show a later date/time if the form stayed in the user's Outbox due to connection issues.  



View an Individual Submission

To view the data in a form submission, click on the Reference #Read more information about viewing submission details. 


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    Please can you add/update information on the "Reference" column to include an explanation of the symbols? e.g. Blue arrow up/down, Green arrow down and green tick. 



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    Danielle Morley


     Thank you for the input.  An explanation of these icons has been added.


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    How do we "make a schedule"? 



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    Adam Goode

    We have technicians that will sometimes not be able to complete a call at the scheduled time so we reassign the work order. We have to open a new form and refill all the data and delete the old form. It would be nice to have an option in data/analytic to be able to switch the call to a new user and remove it from the previous user with one click. (like how you can delete just reassign and delete.