Viewing Form Submissions in the Web Portal




Submitted forms are delivered to the Data page in the web portal. 

From the data page, you can:

  • View and download submitted forms
  • Export submissions in a CSV file
  • Set up CSV export schedules
  • Troubleshoot data destination problems

Administrators can view all of their team's submitted forms form the last 45 days. Pronto Users can view the forms that they have submitted.

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The Data Page

Access submitted forms by mousing over the Data & Analytics tab and selecting Data from the dropdown list.  


The default view on the Data page shows all submitted forms in the Results table.   


Filtering Form Submissions 

Apply filtering by expanding "Search Options".  The Results table will be refreshed to reflect filter rules.

Read more about filtering options here. 


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Search Results

Each row in the Results table represents a single form submission.




  • Reference #:  Click on this for an HTML view of the data, along with other download options.

  • FormSpace Name:  Clicking this will bring you to the FormSpace.

  • Form Name: Clicking this will bring you to the Form Details page.

  • Date Sent on Device and Date Received on Server: Read here for more information on date/time fields.

  • User: Clicking this will bring you to the user's account information.


Data Record State

The symbols to the left of the reference number indicate the submission's status.  


Complete: The submission has been successfully uploaded, and all applicable data destinations have executed. 

  • Complete (Edited): All edits are complete and fully uploaded, and all applicable data destinations have executed.
  • Complete (Sent for Editing): The initial version of the form submission is complete and all applicable destinations have executed, and the form submission has been sent back to the original submitter to make changes.

Failed: A processing step has failed.  Click on the reference number for details.


Uploading Failed: The form has been partially uploaded but encountered an error. The user should reconcile. This can also happen when the user downloads a dispatch, an admin then deletes it from the portal, followed by the user trying to upload it.


Uploaded: The form has uploaded but not processed.  Forms are usually only at this stage for a minute or so.


Dispatched: The form has been dispatched and received by the user on their mobile device.  


Dispatching: The form has been dispatched, but the user has not received it on their mobile device. The user needs to reconcile.

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View Individual Form Submissions

Clicking on the link in the Reference # column of the Results table will display the data that was captured in the form.   The properties and pages can each be reduced and expanded for easier viewing.  Read here for more information on the date/time fields shown in this view. 

Select the dropdown menu beside the reference number to access the following options:

  • Manually download the form submission in any document formats linked to the form.
  • Test DREL: This option allows you to test out Data Record Expression Language against real data from the submitted form.
  • Download All Attachments: This option allows you to download all the attachments associated with the submitted form in a single .zip file.
  • Re-process Upload: This option will re-run the server's processing of the form data.  This is not typically done, but can be used if a processing step (the steps listed before data destinations execute) has failed.
  • Re-execute all executions: this will re-execute each data destination linked to the form, and is typically only used if a data destination execution has failed (and the cause remedied).  Note that data destinations that did execute successfully the first time will still be run again, which may cause duplicate documents to be sent to the destination.
  • Delete option is available for Administrators, but not for Pronto Users.  This will remove the form submission from the ProntoForms system and is a permanent action.

Data Record Processing

The data record processing table shows details on the execution of each processing step of the data on the ProntoForms server. Each step occurs in the order that it is listed.  Note that this table does not include any information about processing/handling of the data in the mobile app, before the form was submitted.  

The standard processing steps are as follows:

  • Save Data:  Saves the data to the server.  The subsequent steps will not be completed if "Save Data" fails.   Contact our support team if this step fails.
  • Resolve Geo Address: Will be skipped if no geo location was collected by the device and attached to the form.
  • Process Images: reading of images collected with the form.  Will be skipped if no images are attached.  If this step fails, the subsequent steps can still process.
  • Data Destination: A new row will be listed for each data destination linked to the form.  If one data destination execution fails, the others can still execute.  

Symbols: Processing Status

check.jpg - The step has been successfully processed.

cross-circle.png  - The step has failed.  See details for more information.  

SKIP.png - The step has been skipped.  This usually happens because the step is not applicable.

    • The "Process Images" step will be skipped if there are no images in the form.

    • A Data Destination execution will be skipped if the data record does not meet the destination's filter rules.


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Additional Options 

Only submissions shown under "Results" will be used. Some options will only be available to administrators.


 Export form submissions into a CSV file on a schedule -- hourly, weekly, or monthly.  More options here.



Plot submissions on a map.  Forms containing valid GPS coordinates will display.



Display forms submitted over a selected time period in a graph -- HTML or PDF format. 



Download forms into a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file.  More options here.



Re-executes any failed attempts to send forms to a data destination.



Re-sends all forms to all data destinations.  Not recommended, as this can create duplicate emails/notifications.



Will permanently delete all form submissions shown.

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