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Administrators can create schedules to export CSV files of submitted form data, which are then delivered by email to a selected address.  As ProntoForms data records are deleted after 45 days, this can be a useful way of automatically backing up data.  This feature can be accessed directly from the Data Records section of the dashboard; simply select the calendar icon to begin creating a schedule.




Schedule Options



Schedule Name

Provide a name for the schedule.  In the event of a team using multiple schedules, the name should make it easily distinguishable from other schedules.

Time Zone

When export schedule is enabled, the time zone will be defaulted to team time zone on this page. 

Schedule Recurrence Pattern

Customize your CSV export schedule to export the same time, day, week or month depending on your team's needs.  For example:  

  • Set an hourly export at the 30 minute mark every hour.
  • Set a daily export at 2:30 AM
  • Set a weekly export on Fridays at 3:00 PM
  • Set a monthly export on the 1st of the month at 10:00 AM


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Data Record Options

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Email Options


Email Addresses of Export Recipients

Supply the email addresses of the individuals to send the exported data to.  If multiple addresses need to be included, separate them with a semi-colon or a comma between each address.

Do not send empty Email Reports

With this option selected, in the event that no data records meet the filter rules, no email will be sent.  

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    Matthew Bull

    Need to fill out the detail on this option

    Data Record Filter Date

    Allows you to choose between Date Sent on Device, or Date Created

    If the date sent on the device is not the same as the date that the server received the data then the daily reports never show any data for the received forms.