Can I show only the Value of the Scanned Barcode in my CSV Data Records Export?

If you have a Form which collects a Barcode,  ProntoForms captures other information than the Value. It will not show this information in formatted PDF and Word Reports based on the form but it will show this information in bulk Data Record CSV Exports. For example, you will see something like this: 

JpaBarcodeAnswerDataData [barcodeType=UpcA,barcodeValue=058891900022]

It is not possible to remove the extra information in this case. However you can add a second Question to your Form and use String Concatenation to copy the value from the Barcode Question into this Barcode Value Question. Once this is done, your CSV will have two columns for the Barcode, one with the fully described barcode string (as above) and a second with just the value. You can now use the Barcode value in any way you might require. 


Read more about String Concatenation.


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