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Data Record Filters let users filter their view of submitted data on the Data page.  Allowing customized views of data sorted by form, formspace, user, group, date, or data record state, filters can be useful for organizations who handle large amounts of ProntoForms data.  Filters are also an integral tool for exporting ProntoForms data as a CSV, as they make it possible to only export data meeting the filter requirements.  

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Create a Data Record Filter

From the main menu:


  • Mouse over the Data & Analytics tab, and select Data Record Filters.
  • On the following page, select  createdatarecordfilter.png.


From the Data page: 

  • Access filtering options by expanding searchoptions.png.
  • When done configuring options (below), click savefilter.png to save the filter.

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 Filter Options

  • Choose a Name/Description for easy identification of the filter.
  • Shared?:  Check this box to make the data record filter available to other ProntoForms users on your team.  
    • Note: Some Pronto Users may not see all of the data records matched by the filter due to FormSpace/Group permissions.

Basic Filter Options

  • Filter by FormSpace or Form:  Select one or more items in the list to only show data records from these Formspaces/Forms. 

  • Filter by Username or Group by selecting one or more items from the list. Only users/groups that have submitted data will be available for selection.

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Date/Time Filter Options



  • Data Record Display Time Zone:  Displays all Date/Time Submitted/Received information in the specified time zone.
  • Filtering by Date:  

      1. Select one of the below as the date to filter by:
        • Date Sent on Device:  This is the date/time when the user hit "Send" on their mobile device.  
        • Date Created: This is the date/time the form began uploading to the ProntoForms server. 
        • Date Completed:  This the Date/Time the ProntoForms server finished processing the data.
        • Date Received by Server: This is the date/time the ProntoForms server received the form.  This usually differs by a few seconds from "Date Sent on Device,"  but will show a later date/time if the form stayed in the user's Outbox due to connection issues.  
      2. Select one of the following options to choose a date period or range to include in the filtered results. 
        • Any Date - Records from all dates available in the system. Remember that ProntoForms only stores submitted date for 45 days.
        • Use Date Period - Includes options for Last 24 hours, Yesterday, Last 7 Days, Last Week, Last 30 Days and Last Month.  
        • Use Date Range - Allows for specific dates that are selected from a calendar picker. 

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Other Filter Options



Execution State

  • All:  Display all data record executions. 
  • Has Failed:  Display data records not processed properly. 
  • All Successful:  Display all successful data record executions. 



  • In Progress:  Processing is still being carried out.
  • Dispatch Declined:  The user has rejected the dispatch. 
  • Complete:  The submission has been successfully uploaded, and all applicable data destinations have executed. 


Data State

  • All:  All data record states. 
  • Uploading:  The form is being uploaded.
  • Uploaded:  The form has uploaded but not processed.  Forms are usually only at this stage for a minute or so.
  • Upload Failed:  The form upload has failed. 
  • Processing:  Data record is processing. 
  • Processed:  Data record has been successfully processed.
  • Processing Failed:  A processing step has failed.  Click on the reference number for details.
  • Dispatching:  The form has been dispatched, but the user has not received it on their mobile device. The user needs to reconcile.
  • Dispatched:  The form has been dispatched and received by the user on their mobile device.  

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