Legacy: "All Form Activity" CSV Export Options



NOTE: This is a legacy feature for the All Form Activity view. This feature is no longer generally available.  



This page discusses exporting data as CSV from the "All Form Activity" page.

Please note that this CSV Export does NOT support exporting data from Repeatable sections.   To download data from Repeatable Sections, perform a CSV export from a Submissions (by Form) page.


Note: If you are exporting a very high volume of submissions (for example, over 25000 submissions in a single export), depending on the size of your form, you may start run into errors.  If this happens, try filtering the results to export a smaller group of submissions.   We also recommend scheduled exports and data destinations, which can be used to automate the export of data to email or other systems on a regular basis, so that the regular export of large amounts of data becomes unnecessary.


Export Delivery

  • Download Now:  This is only recommended for smaller exports, as large exports can result in long wait times.  This option opens a pop-up window; when the export is complete, open the file.
  • Receive an email with a link to download:  This email is sent when the download is complete. 


Header Options


Do you want a header?

Choose Yes to display column headers above the rows of submitted form data. Choose No to turn headers off. Your header row can be one of two options:

    • Question Text - uses the actual text of each question in your form
    • Question Label - uses a shorter label that you define when you build your form to use as your column header.
    • You can choose to display both the question text and label.


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Advanced Options

  • Language:  Export data to CSV in English, French or Spanish.

  • UTF-8 encoded: Special characters in ProntoForms-generated CSV files might display incorrectly when opened in Microsoft Excel. Excel does not recognize UTF-8 encoded CSVs and may display them with the wrong encoding (ie., "Stéphane" may display as "Stéphane"). To ensure data with special characters is imported properly, disable this option. For detailed information, please read: Display Accented Characters in ProntoForms-Generated CSV files


Metadata Columns


Optionally customize which metadata columns are included in the CSV export.  A number of columns are included by default, but these can be removed.  The Data Record Name and Reference Number columns are commonly added to the export to make rows of data more identifiable. 

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Header Blocks


Choose whether to include a single header block, or multiple header blocks

  • Multiple: If data records from multiple forms are included in the export, headers for each form will be included, and records will be sorted into groups by form for easier viewing.
  • Single: Only the headers from the Master Form will be included.

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  • Avatar
    Arlene Hobbs

    still confused on MetaData Columns, where do you specify which questions you want from form?

  • Avatar
    Danielle Morley

    Hello Arlene, 

    The bulk CSV export option automatically includes every single question/answer on the form.

    "Metadata" refers to data that is collected with the form without the end user inputting it -- it's collected "in the background."  This is information like when the form was filled out, who submitted it, etc.