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This feature is available on the following tiers: Enterprise.


Overview of ProntoForms Analytics

ProntoForms offers optional advanced data analytics functionality through a partnership with Birst Agile Business Analytics.  Birst is a Business Intelligence platform that analyzes data and provides dashboards and reports that help connect submitted data with your business and processes. Easily configure the reporting settings from within the ProntoForms Web portal by selecting which mobile form fields are to be reported out. This automatically creates powerful executive reports and dashboards that can be shared with company executives, business partners or customers.  ProntoForms Analytics provides the connection between data from the field and the Birst portal, where you are able to:

  • Build dashboards and reports to analyze data at a glance
  • Share data with customers or use it internally
  • Get immediate access to reports about Data Record metadata

Integration with Birst is set up by creating an "analytics project" in ProntoForms.  A ProntoForms analytics project controls how data flows from the ProntoForms system into the Birst business analysis platform.  

When creating a ProntoForms analytics project, you select a group of mobile forms that will send data to a analytics "Space".  For example, suppose an organization has 2 mobile forms for invoicing; one that is used for field services, and another that is used for product sales.  There are some differences between these forms, but both are used for invoicing customers and you would like to create reports and dashboards that provide analysis for all invoices.  The ProntoForms Analytics project will channel all data from these two forms into a single data set within the analytics system.  The use of consistent Unique IDs across the forms in an analytics project is important.  For our 2 invoice forms, for instance, we want to make sure that the "Customer Name" questions on both have a matching ID, like "customerName".  This way, the analytics project knows that the data from these questions belong in the same column in the analytics system. Read more about Unique IDs here.

After the Birst Space has been created, you can use the Birst system to create reports and dashboards, and even upload related data sets from your business to create "mash-ups". 


ProntoForms Analytics FAQ

Do I have to install or download anything No. Upon signup, log in to ProntoForms and click the Analytics tab. The user will then be taken to analytics partner
Can you input non-ProntoForms data into this analytics subscription? Yes. Combined, uploaded independent data in CSV format, can be mashed up with ProntoForms generated data, for full analysis.
How many user IDs can I have and what are the different user types? Five user logins per subscription. To add another five users, the cost is an additional $500.
Can I send the findings and analysis to anyone I want? Yes and no. This analytics subscriptions allow for communication between subscription users only. To share data with non-subscription contacts, data must be exported and shared separately.
What format can I upload or export data in? CSV only for upload. CSV, Excel, PDF or PNG for export.
What data types are supported? String, numeric and date.
What types of charts are supported? Line, bar, stacked bar, pie, area, stacked area, column, stacked column, doughnut, pyramid, waterfall, scatter, meters, gauges, tree, heat map, funnel, radar map and geo map.
How long until I am fully up and running following signup? Depending on the learning curve for each user, as well as customer upload requirements, the timeframe can be same-day.
How long is my data kept? Forever. Your data does not expire.
How fast can I generate reports? Report generation time depends on the size of the data file(s), with generation time being as little as a minute.
Can a ProntoForms Analytics account be upgraded to a full account? No. Any new full account setup starts from scratch. ProntoForms Analytics accounts cannot be expanded upon.
Can I permanently delete data I have uploaded to the platform? Yes. When you delete a project, all data within it is deleted and physically wiped from storage.



Sign Up for Analytics

To sign up for ProntoForms Analytics:

  1. Select the Analytics tab, or visit
  2. Click the analytics_signup.png button.
  3. Fill out the form to request the addition of the ProntoForms Analytics service to your account.  An account manager will contact you when the service has been enabled.
  4. Browse to to accept the terms and conditions, and you will be ready to start creating analytics projects.

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Create an Analytics Project

To create an Analytics Project (once the service has been enabled):

  1. Select the Analytics tab.
  2. Click the analytics_create.png button.
  3. Required fields are highlighted with an asterisk. They include:
    • Name: Specify a name for the Analytics project.
    • Analytics Portal Primary User Account: Specify the user account that should be used  (this should be an email address).  Once the Analytics project is configured and data is pushed to Birst, this user will will receive an invitation to join the Project.
  4. Select the contributing forms from which to collect data.
  5. Within the Report Data tab, configure which data is to be used for the project by selecting Unique IDs; data will be collected from the corresponding questions.  This tab will show which forms contain each Unique ID; IDs must be identical in order for data from different forms to be combined in the same set. 


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Accessing Analytics Data

The Analytics Project is not immediately ready in the Birst system.  After a Data Record has been submitted against one of the associated forms, the project will be initiated on the Next Data Push date, specified in the Analytics Project details and as shown below.


Once data has been pushed,  the project will be set up in a "Space" in the Birst system.  When this is complete, the "Analytics Portal Primary User" specified in the steps above will receive an email inviting them to join the Analytics project.  This email will contain the required steps the view the Space.

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Update an Analytics Project

  1. Navigate to the desired Analytics project.
  2. From the <project name> drop-down menu, select Update.
  3. After applying the desired changes, click the update_button.jpg button.

Please note that data from newly-added questions will not appear in the Birst system immediately; this will occur after the Next Data Push, as shown above.

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