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Configuring the Dashboard



  • Everett Smith

    Is there any way to export these reports so that they can be distributed?

  • Danielle Morley

    Hello Everett,

    Reports in the Dashboard are not exportable.  However, I suspect you might be able to do a CSV export of submitted forms that would give you all the same data that you would need to get the same information.  

    Please check out:

  • Alan Cantey

    Is the dashboard configuration specific to each admin user account? Or is it specific to groups?

  • Jacinta Sarpkaya

    Hi Alan,

    Currently, if one admin sets up the dashboard, all admins will see that same dashboard configuration. The configuration does not change. 

    If the ability for different admins to customize their own dashboards is a feature that you would like to see happen, we would appreciate if you could head over to our feature requests forum and let us know what you're looking to do. We take all feature requests into consideration when planning for future developments!




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