How do I remove the "Form Information" section of PDF, Word, and HTML documents?



By default, Data Record documents (PDF, Word, HTML formats) contain a "Form Information" box at the top of the document.  This section contains form metadata like device submit date, server receive date, and submitter username.  While this information can be very useful internally, some organizations may desire to hide this section, particularly when these documents are sent to customers.  


Remove the Form Information Section


  1. Under the Manage Forms tab, select Documents.


  2. Select the Document Type from which you would like to remove the form information.


  3. On the dropdown menu, select Update.


  4. Under the Formatting tab, select the Form Information category. Uncheck the box that says Show Metadata Section.


  5. Scroll down and click Update to save the form with these new changes.

    Screenshot 2014-12-31 14.00.55.png


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    Tori Siears

    I want the metadata information, I just don't want the words "Form Information". Is there a way to delete just those words?