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There are a variety of options for viewing form submissions. These range from the full, in-depth details of each answer in the form submission to broad overviews of the submissions in a given period.  Submission details can also be accessed from several locations, like the Form Submission pages in the web portal, through email delivery of CSV reports, or through documents routed by data destinations to a variety of services.

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Reporting Options

Viewing Form Submissions in the Web Portal

Completed submissions are delivered to the ProntoForms Portal. The Form Submissions pages provide a place to view and download form submission data.   Users can select a record, view answers, and download the submission in a variety of formats. 

Administrators can view all form submissions submitted for their team (during the form submission retention period); Users (with standard permissions) can only view their own form submissions.

Read more about the Data page here.


Export Form Submissions as CSV

Download selected forms into a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file.  Downloading or exporting data to a CSV file is useful for making back-ups, manipulating results in Excel and for inserting data into back-end databases.  There are several options available when selecting to download to CSV.


CSV Export Schedules

Administrators can create schedules to automatically export CSV files of submitted form data, which are then delivered by email to a selected address.  CSV exports are a useful way of automatically backing up form submissions that you want to keep for more than the standard form submission retention period. Read more about CSV Export Schedules. 

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The Dashboard in the ProntoForms web portal allows administrators to configure dynamic reports that give basic insight into overall form submissions by form/groups of forms, by user, or by location.  The Dashboard is accessed through the "Home" tab in the main menu.  

Read more about configuring dashboards here or view the video below to learn more.

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Basic Analytics

ProntoForms Basic Analytics give Pronto Admins more detailed insight into the question data of their form submissions.  The configuration of Basic Analytics is incredibly easy and intuitive; with just a few clicks, you can create dynamic, customized graphs.  Unlike the ProntoForms Dashboards, which show general information about overall form submissions, Basic Analytics allow administrators to break data down by question to easily track what answers their users are submitting. 

Read more about Basic Analytics here or view the video below to learn more.

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Routing Data with Data Destinations

Form submissions can also be viewed without ever accessing the web administration portal, if they are routed to external services through Data Destinations.  

A Data Destination is a set of rules that determines where (and how) submitted form data should be routed.  When properly configured, Data Destinations can automatically route data (often in the form of a formatted document) to destinations of your choosing.  They are most commonly used to simply send the form submission document to a list of email addresses, but integration with social media and cloud services is just as easy.  Data can also be routed to your organization's server in a variety of formats, making data collection and storage an automated process.

Read more about data destinations here.

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