What is a "Problem Contact Email Address"?



When an issue occurs with an offline or background process in ProntoForms that relates to your account, the ProntoForms system will send a notification email to the Problem Contact Email Address that is configured for the account.  To ensure that you are aware of issues that may be affecting you, we highly recommend that you configure this option with the email address of an administrator in your team.  

For example, if the FTP server you have configured for an FTP destination is down or unavailable due to network problems, an email will be sent to your problem contact email to give you the opportunity to investigate the issue.



Set up a Problem Contact Email Address

To set the Problem Contact Email Address, perform the following steps.  Please note that you must have Pronto Admin access for your account.

Team-Level Settings

  •  In the web administration portal, mouse over your username in the top right of your screen and enter Team Settings.  


  • Enter the General Settings tab. 
  • Fill in the text field labelled "Problem Contact Email Address".

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FormSpace-Level Settings

A problem contact email address can be configured for each FormSpace as well.  This problem contact will only be sent an email if there is an issue with something is this FormSpace

  • Mouse over Manage Forms in the main menu of the web administration portal.  

  • Press "Switch" beside the name of the Current FormSpace to access a list of available FormSpaces.  


  • Find the desired FormSpace, and mouse over the gear icon to the left of it.  Click "Update."  




  • Enter the Problem Contact Email Address on the following page and save your changes.  

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    Can I put in more than one email address?

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    Can I put ";" for multiple email addresses?