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Pronto Users can manage and administer their own accounts in the ProntoForms web portal. Access User Profile by mousing over your username in the web portal, and selecting User Profile.  Pronto Admins can also find these settings by locating the user through the Users & Groups tab in the main menu.



User Profile Settings

The User Profile page contains four tabs.  

  • To change the user's password, select the 2019-03-14-UserProfile03.png button.
  • To update information in the "Account" tab, mouse over the dropdown beside the user's name and then select "Update."



This page summarizes the user account information.  It lists:

  1. The user's role. Pronto Users cannot adjust their own role.
  2. The Contact information for the user.  Pronto Users cannot change their own username.
  3. Subscription Information.  Pronto Users cannot edit subscription information. 
  4. Activity: Last Login Time (web portal or mobile device), Last Reconcile (on a mobile device), and submitted Data Records this month. 
  5. Preferences: 
    1. CSV Export File Delimiter:  The default delimiter (usually a comma, for CSV) used when the user does a CSV data record export.
    2. Language: What language the portal, etc, is displayed in, what language messages from ProntoForms are sent in
    3. Preferred Time Zone: The time zone dates/times shown in the web portal will be displayed in.
    4. Preferred Page Size: The default page size (maximum 100 items per page) for content pages (such as the Data Page)  in the portal.

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Permissions control A) What forms users have access to on their mobile devices and B) What access users have in the web portal (beyond what is configured by their user role).  Note that these are updated from the Groups pages only, not at the user level.  Only Pronto Admins or Pronto users with Group Admin user permissions can edit these.

User Groups

This shows what groups the user is in, and if the user has special user permission in these groups (data record listener, etc)

User FormSpace Permissions

This shows what forms the groups the user is part of have access to, and what kind of access they have to these forms.  

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This tab lists the user's active devices and past devices.  Note that by default, users are allowed three active devices per account.  Logging in on the mobile app with a new device after three will deactivate the oldest one.

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This tab shows the user's recent data record submission activity in both chart and tabular form.

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