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Pronto Admins can control the visibility of the Sent, Forms, and Inbox tabs on the mobile devices of all users on a team.  

  • Teams who ONLY dispatch forms may wish to hide the "Forms" tab.
  • Teams who NEVER dispatch forms may wish to hide the "Inbox" tab.
  • Some teams may wish to hide the "Sent" tab to reduce clutter, or to eliminate visibility of data to mobile users who are not supposed to see the results of submitted forms.

Note: If the "Inbox" tab is hidden, and users are dispatched forms, they will not be able to see or use them.  Similarly, if the "Forms" tab is hidden, and a user is assigned user-initiated forms, they will not be able to see or use them.


Hide, Show, or Reorder Tabs

In the web portal:


  1. Enter the Team Settings by mousing over your username in the main menu.  This option will only appear if you are a Pronto Admin.

  2. Select the Mobile Device Settings tab on the resulting screen.

  3. Mouse over the dropdown beside Actions under "Device Configuration" and select "Override Standard Configuration."  

  4. Under "Tabs," select the tabs that should be visible to users.  The Drafts tab cannot be disabled. 


  5. Under "Tab Order,"  re-order the tabs by clicking, dragging and dropping them into the desired order.  


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Form-Level Sent Tab Options

It is possible to set a limit on the number of submissions held in the Sent Tab for each form, or prevent any Sent items being stored for a particular form.   This can be useful if users never need to see past submissions for some forms, but do need to see submissions for other forms.

  1. Navigate to a form and select Edit Form.

  2. In the Settings tab, navigate to the Sent Tab heading.

  3. Set a Max items in Sent tab for this form.  Enter "0"  to disable storage of items in the Sent tab.  The maximum number of items the Sent Box can hold is 250.

  4. Optionally set Days items are stored.  Note that form submissions are automatically deleted from the portal after 45 days, so they cannot be held in the Sent box for longer than this.


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