Mass Password Deletion

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With SAML/SSO enabled, users can sign into ProntoForms using their corporate credentials.  To limit users to signing in using Single Sign-On, a team admin can mass clear the ProntoForms passwords of users on their team. 

Note: At least one ProntoForms Admin on the team must have a password.  This is a fail-safe in the event that the team needs to be accessed without logging into their IdP. 


Mass Password Deletion

  1. Under the Users & Groups tab, select List Users.

  2. Mouse over the arrow beside Users and select Mass Password Deletion.

  3. Choose to either:
    • Delete password for the selected users only. Use the textbox to search for users whose passwords will be deleted.
    • Delete password for ALL users except for the selected users. Use the textbox to search for users whose passwords will not be deleted.


  4. Optionally Send a notification email to affected users, and customize it using the text area. The URL included in the email will direct users to the company's domain to log in. 

  5. When done, click Delete. 

  6. If enabled, the user(s) will receive an email immediately upon password deletion.  


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